Clever uses for chalkboard paint at home

Why settle for plain painted walls or ordinary solid surfaces? Spruce things up with a touch of chalkboard paint! Turn walls, furniture, and other accessories into something unique and interactive in no time flat. Check out these clever uses for chalkboard paint at home.

Chalkboard paint is available at any paint specialty store or home improvement shop. Using chalkboard paint is affordable, easy, and quick drying. Once it's dry, you can begin writing on it with regular school chalk. Try any of these ideas for chalkboard paint.

Message board - Keep schedules, grocery lists, messages, and more organized on a customized message board. Paint a portion of a wall, the front of kitchen cabinets, or another visible area with chalkboard paint. Keep plenty of chalk handy for the family!

Kitchen canisters - Paint the fronts of glass kitchen canisters and use chalkboard paint to help identify what's inside. This idea is great for craft canisters, sewing supply containers, school supplies, and more. When you change things around, all you have to do is wipe off the front and relabel.

Garage organization - A garage can become a real mess. Keep things neat and organized by using chalkboard paint. Paint the front of bins, containers, and shelves. Not only will you know where things go, but you'll know exactly where to find them, too.

Menu board - The kids will never have to ask the question, "What's for dinner?" again with a menu board in place. Select an area in the kitchen that suits you, and cover it with chalkboard paint. Write on the board with neon chalk so everyone will know what they'll be eating that evening. This area can also be used for meal ideas!

Interactive wall art - One of the most unique ways to use chalkboard paint is to make interactive wall art with it. Paint one entire wall in the den, study, or library with it. Then, place several empty picture frames on the wall. Now, you, your family, and guests can draw inside the frames when the mood strikes for one very unique wall.

Artsy kid's corner - Encourage your child's artistic ability by giving them a fun art wall of their own. Paint the lower section of the walls (3 feet and under) with chalkboard paint. Your child will be able to draw on their walls every day, without getting in trouble! Be sure to provide lots of colored chalk for your little artist.

Personalized wine glasses - Put a stop to mixed-up drinking glasses by labeling your wine and other drinking glasses. Simply paint the base with chalkboard paint and identify each one with chalk.

Drawer organization - Here's a great way to use chalkboard paint in kid's rooms. Paint over drawer front and label each drawer for easy identification. This will take the guesswork out of where things go, and will help keep things neat and organized.

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