Clever ways to use onion bags

More than just for holding onions!

When you buy onions at the grocery store, instead of throwing away the bags that they come in try keeping them instead. You can use these precious little helpers with all sorts of household chores. Keep them and use them to help out next time you need to do dishes or to help out with vacuuming. They are very helpful around the house; it would be a shame to throw them out. So use some of these tips and you won't think of ever throwing them out again.

Use them in the dishwasher

Next time you need to do a load of dishes in your dishwasher, try using an onion bag to help out. These little babies have helped me out a number of times with my dishes that I don't even think about doing a load without them.

I take an onion bag and place it at the bottom of my utensil basket. This helps keep the utensils from slipping through the bottom of the basket and getting caught in the racks or hiding out at the bottom of the dishwasher. Now I don't have to go searching around at the bottom of my dishwasher for missing spoons and forks.

Use them as scrubbers

When it's time for some house cleaning, I always make sure I have a few onions bags stuffed in my cleaning basket with the rest of my cleaners. I use the bags to scrub and clean many areas of my home, such as my shower, bathtub, sinks, windows, and even the windshield of my car.

They end up lasting a lot longer than my ordinary sponges and they were free. So not only am I saving time because they work so well, I'm saving money also. Now who doesn't like saving money and time?

Use them when vacuuming

I was vacuuming around my little figurines on the shelves the other day when I noticed my son looking at me like I have lost my marbles. He asked me why did I have an onion bag on the end of my vacuum hose, and this is what I told him.

I place the onion bag on the end of the vacuum hose so when I'm vacuuming the dust off my figurines that they won't get sucked up into the hose along with the dust. This way the vacuum removes the dust but doesn't harm my figurines.

Use them to absorb moisture

I think this idea is my most favorite way to use my onion bags. I place some ordinary chalk into the bags and then hang them in my shower or under the sink in my kitchen or bathrooms. The chalk in the onion bags will absorb any excess moisture left behind.

Just remember to remove the bag filled with chalk from the shower before you use it. The chalk won't be of any use if it gets wet. After you're done with your shower, just replace the bag and forget it until your next shower.

So next time you take a trip to the store and buy onions, keep the bags and use some of these ideas to help out around the house. You will never think of throwing them out again.

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Sources: Personal experience