Clever ways to save on home decorating supplies

Find paint, wallpaper, and more, and at great savings!

One thing I've learned by working in the decorating business is this: There's no reason to pay full price for anything. With a little know-how, you can find amazing deals on the things you need for your next home decorating project. We've listed clever ways to save money on the key materials used in home decorating -- paint, fabric, and wallpaper. In order to be successful, though, you'll need to have an open mind and be flexible in your planning.

Save money on paint

Buy premixed paint that didn't sell - Head over to your local home improvement or paint specialty store, and browse their selection of unsold premixed paint. As long as you're not picky about the color paint you need, you can find great savings! Stores get stuck with this paint when customers request a specialty color that they either don't like, or decide not to buy, so they mark it down to a ridiculous price. Find a gallon of paint for $5 or less!

Take advantage of free samples - Big-name paint manufacturers often offer free paint samples as an incentive to buy their products. Valspar, Glidden, and Benjamin-Moore frequently run promotions for free paint, stain, and money-saving coupons. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to get notification of these offers. Oftentimes, the free samples are big enough to use to accent half a wall, cover a few picture frames, or complete other small home decorating projects.

Spray paint - A can of spray paint only costs a few dollars, and if you can find one in the clearance aisle of your local home improvement store, you can pick one up for $1 or less. Spray paint is great for quick touch-ups, or for small home improvement projects. This is especially true for textured spray paint. One can is all you need to refinish a metal table, add a splash of color to a few shelves, refinish a fireplace mantel, or dress up an outdoor table and chair.

Save money on wallpaper

Get wallpaper for free - Wallpaper stores give away their wallpaper books when they are discontinued; all you have to do is ask for them. These books are filled with all types of textured and printed wallpaper, which can be used for small home decorating and craft projects. Read our suggestions for '12 Uses for Old Wallpaper Books' for inspiration.

Buy special-order wallpaper - When a customer can't find a wallpaper pattern they like in the store, they have to special order one. If the store policy does not require upfront payment, and the customer changes their mind after the wallpaper is ordered, the store is left holding the bag. If you inquire about them, the stores will sell the special-order wallpaper dirt cheap! There's nothing they can do with it, and, as long as you are flexible, you can find great deals by buying what someone else didn't want.

Buy discontinued wallpaper rolls - There are many ways to dress up your home with a single roll of wallpaper. You can find these rolls for a few dollars each when you shop through discontinued wallpaper bins. There's nothing wrong with the wallpaper; the pattern itself will simply no longer be made. Use these rolls to cover an accent wall, dress up door panels, or any of the other unique uses for leftover wallpaper we've provided.

Save money on fabric

Shop remnant tables - Every store that sells fabric has a remnant table filled with discounted material. Some of the remnants are discounted patterns that will no longer be sold, others are small scraps leftover from a bolt. Shop these tables to find cheap fabric for various home decorating projects.

Buy precut fabric - When fabric is cut to a special size for a customer, and the customer decides not to purchase the material, stores have no choice but to reduce its price considerably. This is bad for them, but great for you! Pick up fabric for as low as a few dollars and cash in on big savings.

Reuse fabric at home - It doesn't take much fabric to cover a pillow or slipcover a chair. Repurpose fabric from unworn clothing, unused curtains or draperies, and other items that are just sitting around the house.

Shop smart

The home decorating supplies you need don't have to come from a pricey specialty store. You can find all types of deals in unsuspecting places. Shop yard sales, flea markets, auction houses, antique stores, and at online auction sites like Ebay and Bidz.

No matter where you decide to shop for home decorating supplies, browse the Internet for printable coupons that can be used in stores, or for coupon codes for online shopping. See our recommendations for the 'Best Websites for Coupons and Coupon Codes'.

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