Clever ways to sharpen knives and more

No more dull knives!

You don't need to have knife sharpeners in the house to get your knives nice and sharp. You don't even need a pencil sharpener for your pencils; you can use ordinary items already in your home to get your pencils and knives sharp. Even if you have a dull pair of scissors, you can still get them razor sharp without a traditional sharpener. Try some of these creative ways to get your pencils and knives sharpened without having to use a traditional sharpener.

Nail file for pencil sharpening

I really don't know what evil forces lurk about me in my home when it's time to sharpen a pencil, but no matter how hard I try, I never can seem to find one when I really need it. So to keep my sanity in check, I needed to find a way to sharpen my pencils without a traditional pencil sharpener.

Get a nail file to sharpen your pencils; the rough surface of the nail file does an extremely well job on pencils. You can even use a wood plane to do the job; just make sure you put it back before your husband comes running after you accusing you of stealing his tools. By the way, true story.

Wax paper for the can opener

When the can opener seems like it's just not doing a very good job on opening that can of green beans, just get a piece of wax paper and run it through the blades. The wax paper will sharpen the blades and get the blades nice and clean all in one step.

Use a coffee mug to sharpen a knife

I was in desperate need of a knife sharpener and didn't have one, so I compromised. I took a coffee mug out of my cupboard and ran the knife on the bottom of it and it worked great. On some coffee mugs, they have an unglazed ring which is great for sharpening.

Just run the knife on the bottom at an angle and it will sharpen it up easily. This cool trick also works well with a terra-cotta pot.

Aluminum foil for scissors

Taking a piece of aluminum foil and folding it a few times, makes a great scissor sharpener. Now just take the scissors and snip through it a few times to get it really sharp. The difference of before and after will surprise you. Doing the same thing with sandpaper will also do the trick.

So next time you have a dull pair of scissors, a dull knife or need a pencil sharpener, just try out some of these clever ideas and you will wonder why you ever needed traditional sharpeners in the first place.

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Sources: Personal experience