How to get closer to Christianity like Giuliana Rancic did

Giuliana Rancic underwent a double mastectomy on December 13, 2011. "The surgery brought my risks down to 95 to 100 percent," the positive and attractive Rancic says about having both of her breasts removed. "If I had a lumpectomy, I would have early estrogen menopause for at least two years, and I want to have children."

But there is another thing the surgery has done for Rancic, and that is bring her closer to her religion, something her and her husband Bill Rancic share. "We go to church every Sunday. And we did before, but it never meant as much as it does now," says the E! host. "We prayed on our own, but now we pray together and you'll never know how much that means until you do it. Bill and I have changed our lives in that one way."

Although as children we are often raised a particular religion, our desire to remain with that religion can change when we become adults. We may change our childhood church experience to a different religious experience, or we may leave the faith we were raised in and avoid religion entirely.

However, a time may come when we want to return to practicing religion. Getting closer to Christianity can come from a variety of situations. It could be after a life threatening illness, such as breast cancer. It could happen when faced with a job loss and the desire to get through it. Or it could simply come from wanting to incorporate Christianity more into our everyday life. The type of Christian you should become is a matter of debate; however, there are some general things that every person can do who desires to explore Christianity.

Choose your spiritual path

Although the Bible is the source of any Christian belief, there are a wide range of denominations out there. One way to choose your spiritual path, one that is meant for you, is by taking a quiz. The Spiritual Belief System Selector Quiz is a fun way to find out where you stand. "Most visitors have found it fun, informative and often surprisingly revealing," as found on the site.

Choose a church

Once you decide where you stand on the Christianity scale, you'll want to visit a church that matches up with your belief system. You'll pay attention to the quality of the sermons, how friendly the parishioners are, what the church offers by way of education and activities, and if they have a solid child care and church school. Baptism is considered essential for most Christian faiths, but not all, and for churches such as the Catholic Church, extensive preparation is required to become a member, especially if you have never been baptized.

Get to know the Bible

Whether you take the Bible literally or figuratively, it is an essential document of the Christian faith and should be read by every person interested in Christianity. There are many different versions of the Holy Bible. How do you know which one to go with? Try Choose a Bible Translation for help. In addition, a Bible study tool is a great way to get to know the Bible. Try Top 5 Online Bible Study Tools.

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