Cold weather shouldn't stop kids' outdoor fun

Is cold weather stopping your kids from getting outside to play? Call me old fashioned, but I find that to be an odd notion. I grew up back east where winter is unrelenting. Still, most winter days found me playing outdoors with or without my friends. Cold weather shouldn't stop kids from playing outdoors. In fact, it should enhance the fun.

There's a reason they make winter clothes.

No wonder today's kids don't play outdoors in the cold much. Have you seen what they wear? A lot of kids are so worried about fashion, they refuse to wear a coat to school. When I was kid, some of my best memories involved bundling up to play in the snow. I'd be out there for hours at a time, even on the coldest winter days. Try teaching your kids to wear protective clothing from an earlier age. They'll be a lot more likely to go outside if it doesn't involve freezing their designer tush off.

Fall may be crisp but playing in the leaves is good fun.

Remember watching your breath as a kid? It's still just as fun. The nice thing about fall play is that kids don't get sun weary. Why not get the whole family outdoors for a little yard work with a side of fun? Raking leaves isn't quite so painful if you get to jump in them afterward. I don't understand why so many families hire someone to care for their yard. They're missing out on all the fun.

What kid doesn't enjoy the snow?

There's no limit to the fun kids can have outdoors in cold weather. That's especially true if there's snow. As a kid, I did all the normal snow day activities. Some, I made up myself. I even made townhouses for my dolls in the snowbanks. Why deprive your kids of fun on snow days? Playing in the snow is one of the best things about winter for kids.

You can't have outdoor ice without cold.

Did you ever take your kids skating? Did you teach them how to make their own skating rink? It's pretty easy. All you need is some ultra cold weather and a garden hose. Just spray layers of water on the back yard, letting them freeze in between sprays. Don't forget to detach the hose between sprayings, though. You don't want your pipes to freeze.

Kids need a daily dose of sunshine.

Have you ever heard of seasonal depression? This occurs in the winter when people spend most of their day indoors. Kids can get it too. What's the cure? Plenty of good old sunshine works best. Letting kids play outdoors in the cold is not bad parenting. In fact, it's good for their mental and physical health. Cold weather is no excuse for kids to be inactive. Just make sure they're protected from the cold.

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