10 Years of 'Sex:' How "Sex and the City" changed our lives

New Line / HBONew Line / HBOIt's finally here! The much-anticipated "Sex and the City: The Movie" comes out this weekend, and many of us 'Sex' addicts will be shaking up some cosmos with our best gal pals ahead of a night at the movies to celebrate.

We, the editors here at Shine, have been having our own virtual cosmo party here on the site by blogging about the last 10 fabulous years with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. That's right; it was June 1998 when the first episode aired on HBO, and my how the world is different now thanks to them. For one, the pretty-in-pink cosmopolitan cocktail is now a favorite of ladies nationwide. And how many of you would have coveted Jimmy Choos or Manolos before Carrie sported them? Also, would we have even blinked 10 years ago if someone was talking about going to bed with their "rabbit?"

So many great moments to cherish, and we've done our best here to sum them up. Hope you enjoy our little trip down SATC memory lane.

Jennifer Romolini starts us off with her roundup of the best fashion moments from the fabulous four:

Then, Anne collects our thoughts on the men of SATC -- both good and bad:

Next up, Dory dissects the careers of our SATC ladies, and gets the real-world scoop:

Healthy Living's Jessica runs everything from the fitness crazes to the major illnesses that SATC either introduced us to or helped us understand:

What would SATC be without the cocktails? Maggie from Food pulls up a menu:

This show IS called "Sex and the City," so let's find out from Erin what we the show actually taught us about that special topic:

In our look back, how can we forget that at least one of the girls was also a mom! Jessica and I reminisce about our favorite mom moments:

And finally, remember Carrie Bradshaw's cozy and cluttered apartment? Check out this checklist of items that will get you the look: