Meet the New Shine!

Shine has been upgraded with a sleek new look, more categories, and lots of fun new modules like our new Pets Channel, Work + Money, Shine At Home and the new My Shine tab. But here's the best part -- our new blogging platform is now powered by Yahoo! Contributor Network.

Here's what these improvements and changes mean to you:

- Blogging templates with updated designs and a cleaner interface

- Separate slideshow templates and an image gallery you can use to store your favorite pictures for later use.

- Updated blog menus for previewing, editing, and deleting your blog posts, with filtering and data exporting capabilities.


You'll be able to create original Shine blog posts just as before and enjoy all these new features once you  activate your Yahoo! Contributor Network account. Other advantages of your new account: You can create content for many different Yahoo! websites (like Yahoo! News, Sports, and Finance), all of which will appear on your contributor profile page. You can even claim special writing assignments for Shine!

To learn more about Yahoo! Contributor Network and all of these new features, check out our special Frequently Asked Questions page.

Here's how to activate your Yahoo! Contributor Network account:


  • Click on any of the links under My Shine
  • Sign in using your existing Yahoo! ID and password
  • Confirm the name you want to blog under
  • Check the box to agree to Yahoo! Contributor Network's Terms of Service.
  • That's it. You're ready to start blogging! Click the My Shine tab anytime you want to create a new post.

We'll be trouble-shooting and addressing concerns and addressing concerns on this blog post so leave your comment below. We'll also use this post to alert you to any site hiccups as well as offer tips on our new blogging tools so check back regularly!

Finally, thanks for all your support these past three years. The contributions you've made and the conversations you've engaged in have made Shine not only one of the top women's lifestyle destinations on the Web, but also a place to make friends, seek support, and share everyday advice. We can't wait to read what you'll be posting next!


Brenda + The Shine team