Container gardening ideas for spring

There are so many ways to use container gardening ideas for spring around your home and garden. A matching set of potted plants will add color and fragrance around your front door. Porch stairs can come to life with flower pots on every step. And, just as sitting outside becomes a fun activity again, potted plants can liven up your patio and back garden. Here's a whole bouquet of container gardening ideas that will help you welcome spring.

An arch of white Jasmines

White Jasmine has a light, elegant fragrance that I absolutely love. When I lived in Florida, I had a pair of white Jasmines planted in stone pots on either side of my front door. I then slipped a garden arch into the urns and started training my jasmines upward. After two years, I had a verdant arch before my front door, which burst into bloom in late spring. This container gardening idea completely transformed the curb appeal of my home.

A stairway of colorful floral pots

The idea of placing pots on steps is not new, but I'm always surprised at how few people actually do it. I like to use glazed, colorful pots in pairs, one on the right, one on the left of each stair, and I like to vary the color of the pots from stair to stair. This way I can have electric blue, then lime green, then bright orange and so forth. I then plant flowers in the same colors inside the pots, for example forget-me-nots in the blue pot. This beautiful container gardening idea for spring looks great on front porch steps.

Stone urn waterfalls

For my patio flagstone stairs, I like to create a more formal display. In large stone urns, I plant perennials amid English ivy that spills out of the planters like green waterfalls. I choose the same flowers and ivy throughout my urns, because this yields a symmetrical effect that ties in with more formal gardens. I have stone pedestals beside my stairs, so I display the urns on them. However, you can use this container gardening idea on the stairs themselves or anywhere on your patio to beautiful effect.

Miniature apple trees in containers

Of all my container gardening ideas for spring, miniature fruit-bearing trees are a special favorite. Apples are easy to grow, and you'll find the best variety of miniature trees in early spring. The one thing to remember is that once you plant your apple tree, the planter will be very heavy, so be sure to position your tree where you want it before you start. Here's an excellent article that will teach you everything about "growing an Apple Tree in a Container".

Spots of color on your lawn

Container gardening ideas aren't just for porches and patios. I love small wrought iron holders that let me display flower pots in the middle of my lawn. A simple wheelbarrow from your home improvement store is another great way to display a cluster of flower pots. The same applies to a small garden cart, even an old toilet bowl or sink. And don't underestimate the power of garden poles to brighten any spot in your garden when you suspend a hanging flower pot from them.

Patio or garden table centerpiece

The beauty of your centerpiece container is just as important as what you plant inside it, so spend a little money on getting something that will match your furniture. Then choose fragrant flowers to plant inside and sweeten the air around the table. To add even more beauty to this container gardening idea, add trailing plants that will spill over the table.

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