Cool new apps and gadgets for parents

You may have been a tech-pro, pre-baby, but at the speed technology goes, the following apps may have slipped past you between feedings. This is going to date me, but before I had children, cell phones were simply, phones. Now, as I am sure you know these gadgets do all sorts of nifty things -- things that can actually help a new mom, or experienced mom, handle the daily demands of life.

Before adding anything more onto your plate though, be sure the apps deliver what they promise and are worth the trouble. Like anything in your life with baby, the possibilities need to pass the mommy test.

Test Questions

Will it wake the baby?

No, the Silent Light Phone Ring Sensor is a great addition to your ever-present cell phone. This prevents both loud ring tones and the insane buzzing a vibrating phone can create when it is jammed between your thigh and the cover of a magazine. The subtle blue light will keep your baby in dreamland while you decide whether or not to answer the incoming call.

Will it keep my child safe?

Yes, the Buddy Child Tracker is a nifty app for sleep-deprived parents who have to navigate a Chuck E. Cheese party or crowded playground. A little less obvious than a child leash, this app comes with a small GPS tracker that can be clipped to your child's clothing. Activating the device, you can quickly locate the whereabouts of your slippery tot, tween, or teen. I am kidding, sort of.

Can it make you look like supermom?

Yes, the free Playgrounds! mobile app can help you locate nearby playgrounds, but that's not all. The app not only locates a playground using your ZIP code or the phone's GPS, but it provides a place to rate playgrounds, add pictures and set up playground playdates. Age-appropriate playground activities are another great feature to make you look like a real supermom.

Does it store your brain?

Well, the BabyBrain holds unlimited data of your baby's daily activities, freeing your brain cells from having to store feeding, changing, sleeping and medicine schedules. I love this app. It can also be used with multiple babies, making it incredible for when I babysit my girlfriend's twins.

WIll it make kids work?

Surprisingly, yes. Chore Bank is a cool app that lets you create a virtual bank account for your kids. Input your chore list and assign each a monetary value. Once your kids complete a chore, the virtual money is deposited into their account. Along the same lines, I love HomeBudget which is an easy to use, on-the-go expense tracker. It is designed to help control monthly expenses and keeps your budget in front of you while out and about.

Will it potty train your child?

No, My Potty Chart won't actually potty train your child, but it will set up a simple system to help encourage you and your child through the training process. Lots of tips and resources to help you through this potentially frustrating time in your life.

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