Top 10 Comebacks to: "Didn't you have that baby yet?!"

GettyGettyIt's really nice that total strangers go out of their way to remind you that you're still pregnant ... not! Snap back with one of these witty retorts next time someone asks, "Didn't you have that baby YET?" Maybe the look on their shocked faces will give you something to laugh about (because you definitely aren't laughing about your giant belly, swollen ankles or Braxton Hicks contractions).

  1. "What do you mean? I did have the baby! Do you think I still look fat?"
  1. "This pregnancy's been great for my hair, so I've decided to hold out until it's about waist length."
  1. "Not yet, but thanks for the reminder. No, seriously, thanks."
  1. "No, it's not on my priority list right now. However, I am trying to train for the fat belly Olympics. (Thanks to ParentsConnect-er, Srey12!)
  1. "Baby? Who said anything about a baby?"
  1. "I'm so glad you asked because you could really help me out here-go get a knitting needle and meet me back here in half an hour!"
  1. "This? Oh, this isn't a baby. I have an inoperable tumor. But thanks for checking on me." (Thanks to ParentsConnect-er, girlymurley!)
  1. "Oh, you didn't hear? I'm trying to make the Guinness World Record for longest pregnancy. I have about 56 more weeks to go and I'm IN!"
  1. "I actually changed my mind. I decided to wait a few more years before having kids. Now just isn't a good time for me."
  1. "I'm just not ready to let go of the baby belly yet. I just love the extra 50 pounds I've packed on."

Got a quick-witted comeback of your own? Share your snark below!

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