How to cover grey eyebrows

A few strands of silver in your coiffure may give you an air of distinction, but when the grey reaches your eyebrows it's less flattering. Who wants to look older than you really are? If you have brown or black hair on your head, eyebrow hair should be up to two shades lighter. Women with blond or gray hair should wear their eyebrows no more than two shades darker. Cover grey eyebrows using of one of these tried and true methods.

Eyebrow powders

Hmm -- a powder for brows? Yes and boy does it work! Actually, brow powder works in a two part system. An outline stick that acts as an adhesive and a powder dye that gives you the shade you want. No cosmetic degree required! You don't have to be a professional to make this work for you. Here are some basic steps to covering grey eyebrows using eyebrow powders. Of course, always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

· Pluck any "wild hairs." These hairs will be wiry, fast growing strands that may even curl. They have to go!

· Trim the eyebrows using brow scissors. These tiny flat scissors are made for silky brow hairs. Don't use any other kind of scissors if you want to avoid disaster.

· Draw over the grey strands using the stick pencil. Use the stick sparingly and touch only the grey hairs.

· Apply brow powder to the hair using a brow brush. Dip the brush in the powder; tap the brush on the side of the makeup tray to remove excess. Simply brush the powder over the white or grey hairs.

Don't swim or shower until you are ready to remove the temporary colorant. For a more permanent color application use eyebrow dye to permanently change the hair color.

More eyebrow ideas

Other methods are a bit simpler to use and require less work. Try one of these quick fixes to camouflage those grey wisps.

· Dab a mascara wand over naturally black eyebrows to cover grey. Use waterproof if your eyes tend to stay moist.

· Rub over the grey hair using a blonde eyebrow pencil. This will hide the off-color hairs and even help you create an attractive eye shape.

· Pluck eyebrows in a slim fashion. Thin brows may look terrific on you! The thinner the brow, the less grey you have to worry with.

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