Cozy Decorating Tips for Your Home

The size and structure of a home is not what makes it warm and inviting. What truly pulls you in and makes you feel at home are the things around you that make you feel at peace. A cozy home wraps you in comfort and invites guests to sit down and stay awhile. If you would like to create a cozy home, you can do so regardless of where you live. Whether the place you call home is a small apartment or a spacious home, you can use these cozy decorating tips to create a warm environment.

The key elements of cozy decorating are fairly basic. They include the use of color, light, texture, fabrics and scent. That's right! Scent can play a big part in cozy decorating. Think back to when you were a child. What made you feel comforted? Perhaps it was the scent of fresh baked cookies or warm cocoa cooking on the stove. Those same scents, coupled with several other cozy decorating tipscan bring back that same safe feeling for both you and those that visit your home.

Color - To create a cozy home, start by adding warm colors to your walls. Nothing changes the look and feel of a room as quickly as paint, and it is one of the least expensive ways to transform any room. Warm colors that can be used to create a cozy home include rich browns, warm reds, invigorating golds, and a number of other neutral color shades. Glidden Paint has a very popular line of color shades that they call their "Share the Harvest" colors. Each of these colors would work beautifully alone or combined together to create a cozy home.

Light - No matter which cozy decorating tips you use, if your light sources aren't flattering, the work you put into providing a warm home won't really matter. Nothing looks nice against stark lighting - not even the warmest colors. To create a cozy home, place several types of lighting into your home by using dimmer switches. A dimmer switch can be turned up for general or task lighting and then turned down to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. They can be used on table lamps, overhead lighting, and most other light sources.

Other light options that can be used in cozy decorating include uplights (used underneath artwork and behind plants) and down lights (used as under counter lighting or in china cabinets and entertainment centers).

Texture - Aside from color, texture is one of the most important aspects of a cozy home. Which textures do you find warm and inviting? If you're like most people, you enjoy squishy pillows, soft bedding, and anything that you can sink into after a long hard day. To add texture to a room, bring it in through fabrics and linens, rugs and flooring, window blinds and curtains, and with all the accessories you place in the room. A variety of textures will provide depth and dimension to any room, and will also help to absorb light and sound.

Fabrics - One the easiest cozy decorating tips you can use is to bring in LOTS of fabric to your home. Mix up a variety of patterns, textures and styles to give your home a layered look, just remember to stick with a basic color scheme to make the design flow. Incorporate fabric through slipcovers, bedding, window treatments, accent pillows, throw blankets, accent rugs, etc. When you add a lot of fabric to one room, it will make the area appear smaller and cozier.

Scent - Using scent in cozy decorating is very easy and inexpensive, yet it will make your home warm and inviting. Some decorative ways to bring scent into a room is with the use of scented candles, bowls of potpourri, cinnamon brooms and pinecones or flameless oil-infused candles. Scent can also be brought in by unseen methods such as wax tart burners, aerosol sprays, oil plug-ins, and linen sprays. To create a cozy home, don't mix too many scents at once. Stick with one general theme and choose fragrances that blend well together.

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