Create Ambiance with Lighting

Your home is a busy place and it sees a lot of traffic and activity during the day. These activities require bright light for homework, reading, and other tasks. But when nighttime approaches, wouldn't it be nice to be able to dim the lights and have a cozy ambiance to relax by? Low-level lighting can calm the senses and promote a sense of tranquility, even in rambunctious children. Use these tips to create ambiance with lighting in your home today.

Create ambiance with light dimmers

Light dimmers conserve energy and create a cozy ambiance with the turn of a knob. Dimmers are an inexpensive component that are used in conjunction with your existing light source. To use, simply turn the dial and the lights dim to the level of your choice. Choose a very dim light for a romantic night in, or a moderate light level for watching television with the family.

With light dimmers, you can create ambiance anywhere in the home. Install them to your existing lights in the dining room, living room, and bedroom. If you don't want to go through the trouble of rewiring a light dimmer to chandeliers or overhead lighting, consider adding a light dimmer kit to table lamps, or bedside lamps. These kits allow you to plug the lamp into the kit itself for instant use.

Create ambiance with new lampshades

You may be surprised at the impact your lamps have in the overall look of a room. Particularly, the lampshades themselves can create a harsh glare and put off unflattering light, which is not conducive with a relaxing atmosphere. By replacing your existing lampshades with paper shades, you can create a cozy ambiance and totally revamp the look of your existing table lamps. Moreover, the same look can be achieved by purchasing small lampshades for dining room or entryway chandeliers, which will eliminate the harsh glow of the unfiltered light that is currently in place.

If you have the money to completely replace your lamps, consider purchasing Tiffany lamps with stained-glass shades. Table and floor lamps are available in a wide variety of beautiful color schemes, styles, and décor themes, and they look absolutely stunning anywhere in the home. With a stained-glass shade, the light is filtered through frosted glass which reduces glare and heat output, and helps to create a cozy ambiance anywhere they are placed.

Create ambiance with accent light

Accent lights can be used to bring focus to a particular area of the room, and they add a soft glow wherever they are placed. Use accent lights to cozy up a corner of the room behind a plant, or place down lights between the kitchen cabinets and countertops for instant warmth. Illuminate a favorite piece of painting with a battery-operated picture light (no wiring required!), or add soft lighting over a breakfast bar with pendant lights. In a pinch, a night light can serve as accent lighting when placed discreetly behind a table, or live plant.

Create ambiance with anti-glare light bulbs

It's hard to believe that something as simple as replacing your light bulbs will change the feel of your room, but it's true. Replace your current high-watt bulbs with anti-glare ones. Not only will these new bulbs create a cozy ambiance that is less straining on the eyes, but they will also help to conserve energy when in use. These bulbs gently illuminate the room, without casting a harsh glare or putting off excessive heat. The room will look, and feel, more comfortable and you can replace all the bulbs in your house for around $25.

By using these simple tips, you can create ambiance with lighting anywhere in the home.

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