Creative household uses for clam shells

Clam shells anyone?

Did you ever stop to think about how you could possibly use clam shells to help around the house? It really didn't occur to me until one of my friends came over to visit and had a huge bag full of them. The thing with me is I hate to throw things out if there is a way to make use of them, and since there was a huge amount of them, I got to thinking of ways I could put those clam shells to use around my home. These are the ideas I came up with and hopefully you could use these ideas too.

Pathway gravel

Take a bunch of clam shells and crush them up into the large or small pieces, depending on how long and wide you want your pathway. When you have the crushed up amount you need, lay them out on your pathway for a decorative look. The different colors of the clam shells will make for beautiful, colorful pathway.

Houseplant drainage

Use some crushed up clam shells to help when repotting houseplants. Put the crushed up clam shells into the soil of the houseplants that you are transplanting to help with drainage. The water will flow more easily through the soil and will keep the houseplants healthy and beautiful.

Trowel for the garden

A large clam shell is a great tool to use in your garden. When digging around in the soil and when transplanting, just grip the clam shell and use it as a trowel. I found out quickly that I much rather use my large clam shell in the garden. It works wonderfully.

Organize jewelry

This is probably my most favorite way to use clam shells. I get a large clam shell and turn it upside down so the opening is on the table. Then I get a few smaller clam shells and glue them onto the larger clam shell with the openings facing up.

Now I have a really cute container to hold all my earrings and necklaces. I keep it out on my bedroom dresser, and when people see it they ask me where I got it. I proudly tell them I made it myself.

These are just a few of the ways that you can put those leftover clam shells to work around your home. So don't throw them out -- keep them and make use of them.

Sources: Practical Problem Solver book

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