Cupid's Long-Range Arrow: Ideas for a Long-Distance Valentine's Day

Send Valentine's Day to Your Long-Distance Loved One

Whether you're apart because of the military, school, work, or other circumstances, long-distance relationships aren't easy any time of the year, but they're especially difficult on days that couples are meant to spend together. When you're in a long-distance relationship on Valentine's Day, it's as if the whole world is rubbing the absence of your partner in your face and making you feel that much more lonely for your loved one. But don't worry - with a little creativity, a little planning, and these five ideas, you can celebrate a long-distance Valentine's Day to remember.

1. Send a care package. When I had a boyfriend who was deployed, I used to have fun putting together themed care packages for every holiday and season, and Valentine's Day was no exception. This Valentine's Day, your long-distance loved one will appreciate receiving a personalized package full of humorous, romantic, or personalized gifts. You might include a box of chocolates, homemade cookies, a small stuffed animal, personal coupons (for backrubs, doing the dishes, etc.), a gift card for a favorite restaurant to have a "make-up" Valentine's Day date later, and of course, a heartfelt greeting card or letter. Get creative and let your personality and the nature of your relationship shine through!

2. Go to the movies. You might not be able to go to the movies together, but why not set a date to watch a movie at the same time? Whether you rent the movie, watch it on Netflix, or choose a movie that's going to air on TV, set a date to turn the movie on at the same time. You could stay on the phone with each other through the movie so you can make comments and hear each other's reactions, or you could call each other immediately afterward and discuss it. If you want to get especially creative, you could even send him a "movie date" package that includes his favorite candy, microwaveable popcorn, and perhaps even a DVD of the movie you will be watching.

3. Reminisce through music. Do you have some songs that are special to you as a couple? Perhaps songs that seem to tell your story, describe your loved one, or simply remind you of him? Send him a music mix of these special songs, whether via iTunes or on a CD. He'll love listening to a mix that was handpicked by you and that sets your relationship to music. You might even sit on the phone with him while he listens to the music so that you can reminisce about the memories and share the feelings that each song brings about.

4. Broadcast yourself. Not too long ago, being in a long-distance relationship meant that, other through a photograph, you didn't get to lay eyes on your loved one until you were together in person. Fortunately, thanks to modern technology, this is no longer the case. You could send a video message to your partner through the phone or computer, which he could keep and watch whenever he wanted, or, if you want to interact in real time, you could set up a video chat through Windows Live Messenger or Skype. You could also create a video ecard through a site like

5. Help him "picture" you. What's a better way to give your long-distance loved one a reminder of his valentine than through pictures? There are so many ways that you could give him the gift of photographs. Create a video slideshow for him, set to your favorite song. Spend some time putting together a scrapbook of favorite photographs. You could even get creative and put together a "future" scrapbook, imposing your images on photographs of places you'd like to travel when you're together again. Or, simply send framed photos of yourself or the two of you together that he can keep close, especially on Valentine's Day.

Of course, the best Valentine's Day present would be a surprise visit, but sometimes that's just not possible. These five ideas will help bring you the next-best Valentine's Day experience until you can be together again and celebrate your own Valentine's Day!

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