“Mistresses” Star on Real-Life Cheating

In the hot new ABC Drama “Mistresses,” Rochelle Aytes plays April Malloy, a widowed single mom who finds out a dark secret about her late husband’s past – he cheated. For Rochelle, the infidelity was a little too familiar.

“Have you ever been cheated on?” Ali asked.

“Yes, unfortunately more than once.” Rochelle said. “I went crazy afterwards. One time I did go into the drawer and grab a “utensil.” I was just angry and I wanted something.”

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Luckily, Ali had some constructive advice. “A steak knife in one of his tires… it makes you feel a lot better,” she says. “Don’t hurt him, just hurt something he loves.”

To hear more about Mistresses and find out what Rochelle would do if she found out her friend’s husband was cheating, watch this episode of Daily Shot.

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