"Bachelorette... Underwhelming?"

As expected, Season 9 of The Bachelorette has been full of drama, man tears, and most notably, amateur poets, guitar players and tap dancers.

Jaclyn Swartz, outspoken alum of The Bachelor, stopped by Daily Shot to recap last night’s shenanigans, and sound off on, she says, the noticeable lack of fireworks between Des and her suitors this season.

“I feel a little underwhelmed by the bachelorette,” Jaclyn says, “I’m not saying she’s doing a bad job, I just can’t feel her connecting with any of the guys.”

She explains that the men– and the show’s producers – try too hard to spice things up. “I feel like it’s this whole horse and pony show with the dudes.”

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Jaclyn weighed in on Des’s tense two-on-one date with Michael and Ben. “The way Michael conducted himself was poor… that would have been enough for me to say goodbye," she says. "I thought he was fake and trying a little too hard to start drama.”

To hear more of what Jaclyn says about the drama, including Bryden’s dramatic departure, check out today’s Daily Shot.