'Teen Beach Movie' Actress on Overnight Fame

Maia Mitchell has only lived in U.S. for a year and a half, but she’s already making a name for herself as the star of ABC Family’s The Fosters and Disney's Teen Beach Movie.

The Australian starlet moved from the land down under to the U.S. when she was cast as surf girl McKenzie in Teen Beach Movie. But even though she’s far from home, she still maintains close ties to her country with her Australian roommate. “She keeps my accent in check,” Maia says about her roomie, who makes her check her American accent at the door.

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Maia was also quick to dismiss some rumors for anyone who might be visiting her homeland. “Don’t hold a koala!” She warns. “They’re really vicious and have a really intense, obnoxious mating call. They’re not cuddly. It’s a myth.”

In her short time away from home, Maia has kept herself very busy. On The Fosters, she stars as Callie, a tough, off-beat teen who’s spent her entire life in the foster system. “She’s not your typical young teenage girl. She’s dealt with a lot of issues,” she says. The weight of the show’s content helps her keep perspective on the real-life problems, and that’s not something she takes lightly. “It’s important for us to remember what the show is really about.”

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