5 Dating Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

How many times have you been on a great date, then thought, “I can’t text this person for 24 hours or I’ll ruin it?” Or what about, “If we sleep together too soon, I’ll never hear from you again?” Andrea Syrtash and Jeff Wilser are the authors of the new book, “It’s Ok to Sleep with Him on the First Date: And Every Other Rule Of Dating Debunked,” and they stopped by to bust five popular dating myths.

#1. “Don’t sleep with him on the first date.”

Jeff, who may or may not have a personal interest in this one, said, “In the history of the world, no guy has ever said, ‘This woman is awesome. She’s really smart. She’s attractive. She’s cool. She’s funny. Only one problem. We hooked up on the first date.’”

Andrea has interviewed many couples who started off this way and lived happily ever after. “If you have chemistry and connection, rules don’t apply.”

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#2 “Don’t pursue him.”

Conventional wisdom, according to Jeff, holds that “if you even so much look at the man first, he will automatically lose interest because we love chasing.” The underlying idea being that making the first move makes you look desperate.

Andrea says that’s most definitely not the case. “If you sit back and wait for men to pursue you you’ll either get really bored or overwhelmed. You need to be in the driver’s seat.”

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