• If you've ever been shocked at the number on your supermarket receipt, it might be time to revisit how you grocery shop. Celebrity chef Melissa d'Arabian is a judge on "Guy's Grocery Games," and she says a little strategy can save you money at the store.

    WATCH: Food Tips for Picky Eaters

    First, be smart about buying meat. "Meat is usually the most expensive thing on your dinner plate," Melissa says. "Buy your meat when it's a 'loss leader,' not when you need it." In other words, pay attention to heavily discounted meat specials, stock up, and freeze for later use.

    Next, cut costs by encouraging healthy eating at breakfast. "I believe in a nutritious breakfast that's really fast." Melissa suggests smoothies as a cheap, healthy alternative to other options. "My kids think it's hilarious that they're having spinach before noon," she says. "This will help you inexpensively get some fiber and protein into the kids before the day starts."

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    Third, practice clever enter

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  • In 2011, Kelli Giddish joined "Law & Order: SVU" as Detective Amanda Rollins, an Atlanta transplant who moves to NYC to join the Special Victim's Unit. As a new cast member, she found some of the heavy storylines stayed in her mind long after she left the set. "When I first started the show, my nightmares were so screwed up," Kelli says about her vivid dreams, mentioning one in particular that ended with her "getting chloroformed in a pickup truck with five rednecks."

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    Three seasons later, Kelli Giddish is used to heavy storylines and full of love for her fellow castmates. She says when things get intense on set, she turns to her onscreen partner to lighten the mood. "You have Ice-T there to even it out," Kelli says. "Being Ice-T's partner is such a joy. He's one of the wisest men I've ever met in my life."

    Kelli has almost nothing bad to say about SVU megastar Mariska Hargitay. With Ali looking for blackmail ammunition, Kelli admit

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  • Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan just might be the least scandalous couple in Hollywood. They've been married for over 25 years, have four kids, and still occasionally work together.

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    The pair, who originally met on the set of "Family Ties" in 1985, say there are a few important things that make their marriage work: Separate DVRs and separate bathrooms are key. Also, Tracy says she and Michael have the same outlook when it comes to raising children. "We're very in sync with the parenting," she says.

    And after so many years together, the couple rarely fight. "Literally, our memories are at the point where if we started to have the argument, we can't even remember what we're arguing about," Tracy says.

    WATCH: The Secret to a Long Celebrity Marriage

    To watch Michael and Tracy play "Family Ties" trivia, and see how similar Michael J. Fox and George Stephanopoulos look, watch this episode of "Daily Shot."

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  • "Real Housewife" and model Brandi Glanville became a tabloid name in 2009 when her then husband Eddie Cibrian cheated on her with country singer LeAnn Rimes. She's chronicled her dating experiences since the high-profile divorce in a new memoir, "Drinking and Dating."

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    Now that Brandi's been dating, she's formed a few opinions on romance, namely that social media is ruining it. "It's causing us to be incredibly unsocial," she says. "We're not having conversations anymore. It's ruining the mystique of romance."

    She's more careful about who she dates these days, and says there's one foolproof trick that will tell you all you need to know about a potential mate: "When I date a guy, I go to their medicine cabinet," she says. "I take a picture, and then I go home and Google all the prescriptions."

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    Brandi admits the biggest thing she learned during the breakup is to trust your gut. She originally b

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  • Candles and music aren't the only things that might help get you in the mood this Valentine's Day. Eating certain foods can spice up your sex life and improve your overall health. Nutritionist Peggy Kotsopoulos, author of "Kitchen Cures," shares her favorite libido-boosting superfoods on this episode of "Daily Shot."

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    Pumpkin seeds: Like the commonly known libido booster oysters, pumpkin seeds pack large amounts of zinc, which increases testosterone. "Testosterone is an important sex hormone for both men and women," Peggy says.

    Spirulina: This algae contains the important amino acid tyrosine. "Tyrosine is a precursor to dopamine, the neurotransmitter that's responsible for pleasure and desire and arousal," Peggy explains. "It gives you that motivation to want to have sex."

    Maca: Coined "nature's Viagra," maca is a Peruvian root vegetable that comes in a supplement form. "It actually helps to balance your hormones," she says. "It's been used for centur

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