• Have you ever heard of air sex? "It's a mix of air guitar and karaoke, and pantomime sexual fantasies, completely clothed," Ashley Bell says. She learned all about the off-color practice while filming the new movie "Love and Air Sex."

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    The indie love story follows a broken-up couple over a weekend in Austin, Texas, which happens to be the same weekend of the air-sex championships.

    Fans can currently catch Ashley on Broadway in the short run of the drama "Machinal." The play revolves around a young woman who works as stenographer in the male-dominated 1920s New York. "I'm having the time of my life," she says of her Broadway debut.

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    When she's not on the stage or on the screen, Ashley is a dedicated philanthropist. She is currently working on a documentary called "Love and Bananas," which follows her and a team of elephant rescuers on a mission to rescue a captive elephant in Cambodia. "There are no mor

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  • Ross Mathews turned his obsession with pop culture into a career. Now, he's connecting superfans with their favorite celebrities on his E! show, "Hello Ross." "On our show I try to do something different with celebs in ways you haven't seen them before," he explains.

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    "We had Gwyneth on, and she's so superannoying healthy," he says. So Ross decided to cook his grandmother's famous potatoes for the movie star, complete with full-fat cheese and sour cream. "I force-fed her my nana's potatoes," he says.

    Other wild celebrity moments include a surprise kiss from former Spice Girl Mel B. "She grabbed me and made out with me. There was lip gloss everywhere!" Ross recalls. "Because it was her, I was into it. Normally, lady tongue is not my cup of tea."

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    Ross also told the story of another surprise advance he was a bit less enthusiastic about. "We were shooting a piece with Brigitte Nielsen, and she like grabbed my face

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  • A spring break vacation is the perfect cure for cold-weather blues, but if you don't have the cash for an exotic whirlwind getaway, there are still options. Anthony Melchiorri, host of the Travel Channel's "Hotel Impossible," has great cost-saving travel recommendations for people watching their wallets.

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    While popular spring break spots like Miami, the Bahamas, and Mexico can make your credit card bill soar, Anthony says, "There are some really good alternatives. You can go to Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), Ocho Rios (Jamaica), South Padre Island (Texas). You can get really good deals on all-inclusive vacations."

    If you want to save on hotel rooms, Anthony has a controversial opinion: book at the last minute. "Last minute, there are always rooms available. I've never gone into a city, into a country, where I couldn't get a room the night I was looking for one."

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    Which countries have the best

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  • If you've ever been shocked at the number on your supermarket receipt, it might be time to revisit how you grocery shop. Celebrity chef Melissa d'Arabian is a judge on "Guy's Grocery Games," and she says a little strategy can save you money at the store.

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    First, be smart about buying meat. "Meat is usually the most expensive thing on your dinner plate," Melissa says. "Buy your meat when it's a 'loss leader,' not when you need it." In other words, pay attention to heavily discounted meat specials, stock up, and freeze for later use.

    Next, cut costs by encouraging healthy eating at breakfast. "I believe in a nutritious breakfast that's really fast." Melissa suggests smoothies as a cheap, healthy alternative to other options. "My kids think it's hilarious that they're having spinach before noon," she says. "This will help you inexpensively get some fiber and protein into the kids before the day starts."

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    Third, practice clever enter

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  • In 2011, Kelli Giddish joined "Law & Order: SVU" as Detective Amanda Rollins, an Atlanta transplant who moves to NYC to join the Special Victim's Unit. As a new cast member, she found some of the heavy storylines stayed in her mind long after she left the set. "When I first started the show, my nightmares were so screwed up," Kelli says about her vivid dreams, mentioning one in particular that ended with her "getting chloroformed in a pickup truck with five rednecks."

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    Three seasons later, Kelli Giddish is used to heavy storylines and full of love for her fellow castmates. She says when things get intense on set, she turns to her onscreen partner to lighten the mood. "You have Ice-T there to even it out," Kelli says. "Being Ice-T's partner is such a joy. He's one of the wisest men I've ever met in my life."

    Kelli has almost nothing bad to say about SVU megastar Mariska Hargitay. With Ali looking for blackmail ammunition, Kelli admit

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