• Drop your tweezers! Overplucked or too-thin eyebrows can make you seem older than you are, but the proper makeup techniques can give your brows a red-carpet-worthy look. Kim Soane, lead makeup artist for Bobbi Brown, stopped by to share some of her favorite techniques.

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    When it comes to hair removal, should you pluck, wax, or thread? Each has benefits. If you're looking for the best way to preserve your natural look, Kim says, "definitely start with plucking."

    If you're looking for a beautiful shape that won't overly affect the skin around the brow, try threading.

    Speaking of shaping, the key to it is finding your arch. "Everybody has a natural shape," Kim says, and it's easy to find yours. Look at the starting point of your brow. Three quarters of the way from the starting point is where your arch should be.

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    Bobbi Brown Brow Kit

    Next, use a brow pencil to draw in that natural shape. Take a small eye definer brush and fill in

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  • Dating is complicated, but Lauren Frances says there's a way to figure out if a guy is Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong almost immediately. The love coach and author of "Dating, Mating, and Manhandling" says the hints could lie in the very first date.

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    Lauren cautions women to be wary of "unfocused flirting," in which they would get caught up trying to oversell themselves to a guy. "The first date is really about the guy selling himself to you," she says.

    The author says that men tend to give clues about their dating flaws ... if you pay attention. "In the middle of this peacocking display ... he will let slip exactly what is wrong with him in the relationship department," she says of what she calls the secret male lemon law disclaimer. "He's basically vetting you for a relationship."

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    However, she says, "if they lay it out and you accept a second date, you tacitly agree to

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  • With the success of his "Bat Out of Hell" trilogy, singer Meat Loaf is one of the best-selling artists of all time, but fans might be surprised to learn that the performer has also starred in nearly 60 films. He stopped by "Daily Shot" to share a special behind-the scenes story about "Fight Club" star Brad Pitt.

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    "We played poker almost every day on set in my trailer," Meat recalls from filming the 1999 flick. "Brad's not a really good poker player. I don't think he ever won. One day, Brad lost 750 bucks, all to me!"

    The "I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)" singer also cleared up the commonly misunderstood lyrics in his most popular song. So what exactly is "that?" "It's the line before every chorus — I'll never stop dreaming of you for the rest of my life," Meat Loaf explains.

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    Since Meat Loaf would run to hell and back for love, we were curious about what else the singer would,

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  • If exercise could be as fun as sex, the world would be a much fitter place. Jason Rosell, creator of Caliente Fitness, is drawing inspiration from the bedroom for his latest workout, the appropriately named Sexercise.

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    "Everyone likes to look good and feel good," Jason says. "Everybody enjoys sex. When you put them both together, you have sexercise."

    The regimen consists of workouts of 30 to 35 minutes that fuel weight loss and lean muscle development, heart conditioning, and sexual longevity. "They're very intense, but you can go on your own pace," Jason says of the workouts. "But when you're done, you've lost anywhere from 450 to 520 calories in that short period of time."

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    To learn how to do moves like "the booty pop" and "v-crusher," check out this episode of "Daily Shot," and be sure to visit calientefitness.net to learn more about Jason's fitness and nutrition plans, and download Sexercise on itune

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  • Still thinking about your ex? According to Laurel House, that’s A-OK. The dating expert says you shouldn’t rule out going back to former significant other, but that there are a few things to consider first. “Recycling exes is something that everyone should do if they’ve gotten to a certain age,” Laurel explains, but you should wait until you’re mature enough. “If you’re 22 or 23, you haven’t had enough experience in order to have a new frame of mind.”

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    So, why go back? Laurel says there are plenty of reasons. “It's not always that the guy was wrong for you, he may have been the right guy wrong time,” she says. “Or if your head and heart was with someone else, or you needed to do some self-exploration.”

    Still, Laurel recommends doing some soul-searching to avoid making the same mistake twice. She says the biggest question to ask is “Why do you want to get back with this guy?” “Is it just because you don’t want to add another notch to your bedp

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