• By the time she was 25, Katie Heaney had a graduate degree, tons of friends, and a promising writing career. But she'd never had a boyfriend. She chronicles her story in the hilarious book "Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without a Date."

    Katie, who is now 27, stopped by "Daily Shot" to talk about how she, a young, single, straight girl, made it to her mid-20s without going out on a date.

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    For starters, she's just not "that kind of girl." By which she means "someone who's always beaming; she's got an endless line of offers from guys to take her out."

    In her book, she calls that type of girl "a lighthouse." She describes herself, on the other hand, as a "Bermuda triangle." Something sailors would go around, "staying as far away as humanly possible."

    So, shouldn't she work on that or something? She doesn't think so.

    "In women," she says, "I think it's perceived as something that we, if we happen to be single at that moment, we should be w

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  • Tahj Mowry made his TV debut 23 years ago — and he's only 27! Today, fans can find him playing Tucker Dobbs, the unfiltered, uptight friend on "Baby Daddy," but chances are you remember him from his adorable childhood roles on "Full House," "Smart Guy," and "Sister, Sister."

    Tahj got into the acting business around the same time as his famous big sisters, twins Tia and Tamera Mowry. The siblings made it a family affair when Tahj guest-starred on the girls' hit sitcom, "Sister, Sister," but you might not remember who he played. "Funny story, I was on 'Sister, Sister' three times, each as a different character," Tahj says. "Nobody cared!"

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    What was the most cringe-worthy moment of his career? "Probably the 'Full House' days just because I couldn't really pronounce my r's," Tahj says of playing Teddy, the friend Michelle meets on her first day of kindergarten.

    Tahj diligently memorized and practiced his lines for all of his "Full House"

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  • Laverne Cox is known for playing trans prison inmate Sophia Burset on the Netflix series "Orange Is the New Black," but the trans actress sees her fame as much more than just a perk of the job. She uses her place in the public eye to spread a message of diversity and tolerance.

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    "I believe that we should all have access to the American dream, and so many trans people of color don't have that access," Laverne says. "So I feel that it's important that I have a public platform to bring attention to those issues."

    The actress is no stranger to struggle, and she's in the process of writing her memoir, which will be released in 2015. "We're getting into a lot of intense stuff in my life," she says. "It was really, really messy."

    During her personal transition, Laverne says she was insecure about her looks, especially when people didn't think she was feminine enough. "When I heard that I would be like, OK, what am I doing wrong?' 'I'm fai

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  • Did you resolve to get fit in 2014? Karina Dawn and Katrina Hodgson from Bravo's "Toned Up" stopped by to tell us which fitness goals are worth fighting for and which simply aren't worth the effort.

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    They say results you can see immediately are the ones you should focus on, because nobody's going to lose 20 pounds in a day. "The first thing you should look out for is improved confidence and improved energy," Katrina says.

    As for unrealistic body goals, Karena and Katrina say anyone hoping to achieve thigh gap or get rid of muffin top or saddlebags should refocus their fitness hopes. "We want to get those words out of the vocabulary of women," Katrina says, regarding what can easily turn into over-the-top obsessions. "It's just ridiculous. It's unhealthy."

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    Another unhealthy behavior? Consuming too few calories. The ladies recommend eating better calories instead of consuming fe

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  • You might be surprised (or horrified) to learn that most Americans consume 3,790 calories a day. Rocco DiSpirito is setting out to change that with his new book, "The Pound a Day Diet."

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    The celebrity chef's diet plan involves 28 days of menus that include meals, snacks, and drinks. The recipes add up to just 850 calories a day. "When you eat only 850 [calories], you create a deficit of enough calories to burn a pound of fat," he says.

    Rocco says it's still possible to eat the foods you love. He showed what one day of healthy eating looks like on the plan: a grapefruit and chocolate shake for breakfast; a rotisserie chicken salad for lunch; a banana smoothie snack; turkey bacon-wrapped chicken with rutabaga slaw, iced tea, and raspberries with yogurt for dinner and dessert.

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    "You're eating every two-and-a-half to three hours," Rocco explains. "It's called metabolic fasting. It's the opposite of fasting. Fasting causes we

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