• Buddy Valastro is known for his over-the-top cakes, but there's one cake-tastrophe that he still can't believe ever happened to him. The baker and "Cake Boss" star designed a cake replica of the carousel at Atlantic City's Steel Pier, which tipped the scales at 2,000 pounds, stood seven feet tall, and moved like the real thing.

    The finished carousel cake

    Buddy's Carousel cake after the trip to Atlantic City

    : Cronut Chef Gets in Line

    When the bakery staff opened the delivery truck for the big reveal, they were met with the horrifying scene of a collapsed carousel cake. "We got to Atlantic City, we opened the back of the truck, and I just lost it," Buddy says. "Not even God could have come down and fixed that cake himself."

    This season on "Cake Boss," Buddy is looking forward to working with some exciting clients and creating more incredible cakes. Though he's worked with a number of celebrities, such as Snooki, Isaac Mizrahi, Mario Lopez, and Willie Nelson, Buddy says there's one person who still remains a dream client. "It's always been a dream of mine to mak

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  • James Giuliani used to be a street enforcer for the Mafia and spent 20 years running in circles with John Gotti before a chance encounter with a dog in need inspired him to turn his life around.

    "When you're growing up in my neighborhood, you went out and made your own fun," James says. "My fun was hanging out on the streets. You start messing around with the drugs and see the street guys making money, and you're like, 'Wow.'" During his time in the Mafia, James says he spent "20 years beating the hell out of myself."

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    Two events saved the former gangster's life: meeting the right girl, and meeting the right dog. While he and his girlfriend (now his wife) were on a coffee date, the pair spotted what looked like an old carpet on the side of the road. It turned out to be an abused puppy. "It had maggots on it," he says; "it was dying."

    James took in the dog, which he named Bruno, and brought the pup back to health. Later, when B

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  • Michelle Bridges' 12-Week Transformation program is responsible for helping Australia's population lose a collective two million pounds. Now, the trainer and former host of "The Biggest Loser: Australia" is setting her sights on the United States, and she's starting by busting five of the biggest fitness myths:

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    Myth #1: Walking is a great way to lose weight. "Going for a walk is fantastic, but if you're in the market for serious weight loss, you're going to have to start changing gears," Michelle says. "Gradually build yourself up." Jogging for 10 minutes burns 100 calories, while walking for the same amount of time burns just 20.

    Myth #2: Never work out on an empty stomach. "Training on an empty stomach means that you're going to go straight into your glycemic levels," Michelle explains. "You're going to be burning fat immediately."

    Myth # 3: Pilates and yoga are great for weight loss. Michelle says that while these classes improv

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  • Brian Boitano won the Olympic figure skating gold in 1988, and now he's preparing to represent his country in an entirely new role at 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi: as a member of the U.S. delegation.

    "It's such an incredible delegation to be on," he says. "The message that President Obama is sending us over to deliver of diversity and tolerance is such an incredible message."

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    It was that display of tolerance that inspired him to make a big statement of his own. He publicly came out as gay shortly after being appointed to the delegation, something he never planned on doing. "I'm a really private guy. ... I reserved that side of my life for family and friends," Brian says. "I was never in or out. I just was."

    He's looking forward to watching the American figure skating team in Sochi, where he suggests we keep our eye on one specific athlete with a big potential for gold. "The girl who has the best chance is Ashley Wagner," he says.

    The 50-y

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  • He's a hip-hop legend, a practicing minister, and a soon-to-be grandfather, but Rev Run says things just wouldn't have fallen into place if it hadn't been for one eye-opening night in his past.

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    Rev recalled one night of excess in his youth when his newfound fame went to his head. Run was in a presidential suite, calling in for food, drugs, and women to be brought to his door. "I was sitting in the Jacuzzi eating the pancakes, syrup was falling in the tub, as the weed ashes were falling in the tub... as Rolling Stone was knocking at the front door," he recalls. "And that's why this collar's wrapped around my neck — because I was excessive."

    Rev soon realized that he was falling into the temptations of fame and losing control. "It was all going to go down at once," he says. "I thought I had everything, but everything actually had me."

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    Now, he's excited about his most recent project, "Rev Run's Renovat

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