• How much "reality" actually occurs on a reality television show? Not much, according to Audrina Patridge, who starred in MTV's popular series "The Hills," which followed the personal and professional lives of young people in Los Angeles.

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    "You just kind of have to roll with it and hype it up," Audrina says of the fabricated drama that producers encouraged on the show. "Kristin and I had to constantly get into fights over Justin, and I was actually dating someone else in my real life. That got hard because I was living two different lives."

    Audrina says there was one story line in which she refused to participate. "At one point they wanted Brody and I to date," she says of co-star Brody Jenner, who also dated Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari on the show. "I know a lot about Brody, and I don't know if that would ever work."

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    The reality TV star says she's a different person today than the Audrina we saw o

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  • As the founder and CEO of Uncle Jack's Steakhouse in New York City, Willie Degel knows a thing or two about cooking a great steak. The "Restaurant Stakeout" host stopped by Daily Shot to share his wisdom on the subject of cooking the perfect piece of meat.

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    Willie says there are two major mistakes the home cook makes when preparing steak. "They don't season it properly, and they overflip it. They'll flip it four or five times during the process at home," he explains. Flipping just once will preserve the flavor and keep the meat from drying out. As for proper seasoning, only three ingredients are needed: a great olive oil or butter, kosher salt, and pepper.

    Not sure what to look for when choosing meat? "If you really want a great steak, you want more fat and marbling, and you want a little fat around the perimeter." The fat will caramelize and add moisture to the meat, helping to develop a nice, crispy crust.

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    Be sure

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  • Want to get rid of your muffin top? It may be as easy as looking in your pantry. Peggy Kotsopoulos, a nutritionist and the author of "Kitchen Cures," says certain foods can help alleviate common health complaints.

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    If you're looking for shinier hair, Peggy says to turn to foods high in fats and protein, like wild salmon. "An oily fish helps to hydrate (from the) inside out," She says. But if you need a quick fix, try rinsing your hair with vinegar. "It cuts through the debris and all the buildup in your hair ... so your hair will be so shiny after," she explains.

    In need of a libido boost? One surprising kitchen cure is garlic. "It dilutes your blood vessels, so blood can actually flow faster to your genitals," she says. Pumpkin seeds, which are high in zinc, are another libido booster. "Zinc is an important mineral to help boost testosterone production," Peggy explains. Testosterone production is important for men as well as women, she said.

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  • It’s no secret that a great diet can help you look and feel younger, but you might be surprised to learn about some specific foods that have age-defying properties. Elisa Zied is a nutritionist and author of “Younger Next Week,” and she stopped by Daily Shot to share her favorite age-defying foods:

    1. Popcorn. “It’s 100 percent whole grain and it’s also a great source of fiber,” Elisa says. Popcorn also has great plant chemicals called polyphenols which have anti-oxidant properties. “They fight the free radicals that are in your body and in the environment that ruin skin and other body cells,” she adds.

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    2. Potatoes. While low-carb enthusiasts might be shocked to see the potatoes presence on a power food list, Elisa says “carbs are so essential because they give your body, your brain, your red blood cells, your whole nervous system the basic glucose that you need to be energized.” They also enhance the production of serotonin, “that wonderful

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  • Former champion boxer and fitness expert Michael Olajide, Jr. famously helped model Adriana Lima get back in shape for the 2012 Victoria's Secret fashion show — just eight weeks after she gave birth. "We kind of had to override nature in a way," Michael says about the postbaby transformation. He scheduled workouts with Adriana twice a day, using a mix of jump rope, shadowboxing, and sculpting maneuvers. "Before you know it ... she was onstage," Michael says.

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    Michael insists that you don't have to be a supermodel to undergo a body transformation. His new program "Sleekify" is all about using cardiovascular workouts to build muscle endurance - and best of all, there are no weights necessary So, with workouts that burn around 1,000 calories, there are sure to be results.

    If you think jumping rope is just for boxers and young girls, think again. Michael says this workout is essential for getting in tip-top shape. "So many people have not dis

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