• Mark Consuelos doesn't mind being known as a strict dad. The actor and father of three is set in his ways when it comes to his approach to parenting. "I love my kids. I'm not their friend," he says. "I'm there to make sure of three things: They stay out of rehab, the morgue, and jail."

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    How does he make sure? "My default answer to anything my kids ask is no," he says, and he also doesn't shy away from punishing bad behavior by taking away phones and iPads. "Punishment is also a lecture," he says. "The eyes glaze over and I go into my speeches."

    After 17 years of marriage to Kelly Ripa, Mark says the couple still keeps the spark alive in their relationship. "I'm really hot for her," he says. "She does it for me in a major way. She's extremely also patient and tolerant." Mark also explains that keeping the focus on family helps the couple to have perspective. "Three kids will make any problem you think you're

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  • David Blaine has been buried in a coffin and frozen in a block of ice, has lived in a glass box for 44 days, and has held his breath underwater for 17 minutes. Now the illusionist is returning to primetime in his new special, "David Blaine: Real or Magic," wherein he travels around the world and into the homes of celebrities to show off his street magic.

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    The magician is notorious for being stoic during his tricks, but he says that doesn't mean he isn't experiencing a thrill as well. "Even though I do magic and I'm always very stonefaced, I'm actually vicariously living through people's reactions," he explains. "That's the addiction to what I do."

    There was one specific celebrity reaction that David considers the greatest of all. "Harrison Ford, he was the best." David had just finished performing a trick when the actor "kicked me out of his house," he says.

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    You might think there's nothing that David i

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  • Have you ever heard of breakup season? It's those last few weeks you have to get out of your current relationship before all the holiday celebrations begin. So if you're thinking about calling it quits with your significant other, relationship expert Andrea Syrtash says: Get to it!

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    "You don't want to bring them home if you know you don't have a future," Andrea explains. "And then it rolls into holiday parties, Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day. It's like a package deal, and you're a real schmuck if you break up with someone over the holidays." So speak now or hold your peace ... at least until after the season.

    If you're worried that you might be on the receiving end of an impending breakup, Andrea says, you should pay particular attention to the way your partner is communicating. "If you're usually in touch with you significant other and then suddenly he's always busy, he's not really calling you back, he's making excuses, pay attention to that," she

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  • We’ve all had those winter “What do I wear?” moments. … Colder weather means thick sweaters, lots of layers, and puffy jackets that, well, pretty much make you look like a marshmallow. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Adam Glassman, creative director of O, The Oprah Magazine, says that following a few tips can make you look leaner while still keeping warm.

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    “People end up looking like an Oompa Loompa,” Adam says. When selecting coats, he recommends looking for puffers with vertical seaming and says it’s important to find a coat that’s not too short. “You really want something that’s mid-thigh or to the knee and very streamlined,” he says.

    When it comes to choosing your daily dress, Adam says, “you have to start from the inside out,” because the correct bra can make you look 10 pounds thinner. “You have to go for a bra fitting — 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong-size bra,” he says.

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    For winter-appropriate t

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  • In 2001, Wendy Williams had just given birth to her son when she found out that her husband had been cheating on her. She made a controversial decision — she stayed.

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    The talk show host explained her thought process in dealing with the issue while she was getting adjusted to motherhood. "You're not going to leave me alone to try to figure this out while I'm trying to get back to work and get myself together," she says. "No, you're going to stay, and we're going to figure this out."

    Wendy says one of the biggest challenges was trying not to constantly bring it up. "If you elect to stay, you have to do one of the most mature things a woman can do in her life, and that is, don't crucify him at every turn," she says.

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    Wendy is also a successful author of the advice book "Ask Wendy" and the creator of a wig line called "Wendy Williams Hair World." Though the host wears wigs out of medical necessity

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