• After struggling to get hired as a writer, comedian Rob Delaney turned to Twitter to spread the word about just how funny he could be. It worked. Nearly a million followers later, he continues to crack up the online community and has just released his first book, "Rob Delaney: Mother. Wife. Sister. Human. Warrior. Falcon. Yardstick. Turban. Cabbage."

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    Why is he such a Twitter success? "I enjoy trying to squeeze little stories and jokes and things into 140 characters," he explains. "I like restrictions. I like jail. I like tight underpants. I like things that force things to blast out in other areas."

    But the comedian reveals that his most often retweeted tweets aren't funny at all. "A lot of my most popular ones are political ones, which is so silly," he said. His most popular tweet of all time occurred during a gay marriage debate when he wrote, "I love gay people. Or as I sometimes refer to them as: people."

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  • As a county court judge and the personality behind the syndicated series "Supreme Justice With Judge Karen," Judge Karen Mills-Francis has seen and heard just about everything in the courtroom. But there's one thing people do that drives her crazy: "Interrupt me!"

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    Over her many years in the judicial system, Judge Karen says the biggest lesson she's learned is that "most people want to be heard. I think that most people feel they're not listened to," she explains. "They're not listened to at home; they're not listened to by their spouses; they're not listened to by their bosses.... They want to have their story told, and I think I let them tell it."

    And if you've ever panicked when noticing a jury summons in your mail, Judge Karen says getting out of it isn't that easy, so stop trying. The only ways to be absolved from service are if "you're older than 70 years old ... if you have some debilitating illness, if you're sole pr

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  • "Lylas" might stand for "love ya like a sister," but that doesn't mean the ladies of the band don't partake in a little sibling rivalry. "That's the first name we've ever agreed on," Presley Hernandez says.

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    And with a female-dominated household, there was bound to be a little sibling conflict while everyone was growing up. "Me and Bruno got into a fight one time over Maury Povich, so I grabbed a hairbrush ... and I didn't mean to hit him, I just meant to scare him," Tiara Hernandez admits. "But I whipped it at him right at the nose. It started to bleed, and I was like 'Oh, I'm in trouble.'"

    Now that the siblings are older, they're more protective of each other. "He says, 'Don't date anybody ever!'" Presley says about her brother's love advice. But it goes both ways. "You have to impress all four of us if you're going to date Bruno," Tiara says.

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    Those looking to check out the Lylas' music won't

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  • Kim Coles has been making audiences laugh for decades in shows such as 'Living Single,' 'Frasier,' and 'In Living Color.' She joined Ali to talk about her one-woman show, 'Oh But Wait, There's More,' which chronicles the ebbs and flows of her Hollywood career.

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    In particular, she remembers comedy legend Bill Cosby giving her advice. The problem was, she got too starstruck to pay attention to it. “I blanked out and I couldn’t believe I was sitting next to Bill Cosby,’ she says.

    The next time, when she was able to actually listen, Kim remembers he said, “In essence, be authentic, be who you are, speak in your own voice.”

    Kim worked with Oprah as well, who also gave her some simple, yet profound advice. “Have fun. Just get up there and have fun.”

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    Kim was on In Living Color for the first year of the show, and Ali didn’t arrive until season four, but they still had plenty of notes to compare. “I

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  • You know Jeanne Tripplehorn from "Basic Instinct," "Big Love," and "Criminal Minds." Now, the gorgeous actress is starring in a new film, written and directed by her husband, Leland Orser.

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    "Morning" is the story of a couple who lose their only child and how their relationship weathers that loss.

    To make sure that such a heavy theme didn't affect their personal lives, Jeanne and her husband established strict rules. "We did not discuss it at home at all," she says. "I would not let it in the home." If they wanted to talk about it, they scheduled a set time at a coffee shop.

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    She also says that she and co-star Laura Linney balanced the dark tone of the film by laughing between takes.

    It's also how she remembers shooting her iconic sex scene with Michael Douglas in the 1992 film "Basic Instinct." "I laughed a lot, and I remember laughing that day, making jok

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