• It's been 15 years since the Emmy-Award-winning sitcom "Will & Grace" first hit the airways, and Debra Messing and Eric McCormack are celebrating the show's debut on WE tv. The stars stopped by "Daily Shot" to talk about some of their favorite moments.

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    Over the course of the show's eight seasons, "Will & Grace" featured a slew of celebrity guest stars. The duo listed Blythe Danner, Debbie Reynolds, and Sydney Pollack among some of their favorite guests, but one of Grace's love interests, played by Matt Damon, sparked a particularly funny memory.

    "Every other guy who came on the set was trying to stick their tongue down my throat," Debra recalls, and though she didn't typically meet the guys' enthusiasm, Matt Damon was a different story. "I was like, I'm ready for it!" she says. But he swooped his face to the side and "did the 8th-grade 'I'm pretending to kiss you.' I was like, give me a little!"

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  • Terrence J, actor and co-anchor of E! News, credits his success to the most important woman in his life: his mom. His new book, “The Wealth of My Mother’s Wisdom,” is a tribute to the strong upbringing she gave him, despite her start as a single teen mom.

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    “I wrote the book as a testament to all single mothers and all mothers period,” he says. Terrence’s book also features motherly wisdom that celebs such as Ludacris and Kevin Hart shared with him.

    The magnitude of his mom’s efforts truly hit him on the set of the movie ‘Think Like a Man,’ when he played a character who was a ‘Mama’s Boy.’ As part of his preparation for the film, he started asking his mom questions about her life. ‘You know how you have the relationship with your mom where it’s just your mother? Once I learned about her, it was eye-opening.”

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    He says his mom’s best advice about love was ‘to give people their flowers while they’re still living, to not

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  • Forget diet and exercise—the most fun way to get healthy and live longer is, apparently…sex! Dr. Wendy Walsh, author of "The Thirty-Day Love Detox," joined Ali to discuss the health benefits of Doing It.

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    “One study out of the University of Pennsylvania showed that having sex one to two times a week improves your immune system so you’re better able to fight off colds,” she says.

    Wendy also mentions studies showing that married people have greater heart health. “Having a secure bond with somebody,” she says, “lowers your heart rate….People who have long term monogamous relationships live better, have better health along the way, and they accumulate more wealth.”

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    So how do you keep it exciting along the way? “On of the things busy married couples need to do more often is schedule sex,” she advises. “Women are a crock pot, men are a microwave oven. If it’s Friday, you know you’re gonna have sex Saturday night, you might stop on the wa

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  • We’re all familiar with vintage Vanilla Ice the spiky blond hair, the sick dance moves, the "style like a chemical spill." At "Daily Shot," we did a little research into vintage Vanilla style and discovered something shocking: Justin Bieber may be stealing Ice’s style, and we have photos to prove it.

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    The all-white look: Vanilla vs. Bieber

    First, they both rock all white. “He’s definitely got some vanilla flavor going on,” Vanilla says. Next, they both enjoy taking their shirts off. “It’s all about the six-pack,” he adds.

    Metallic Green: Vanilla vs. Bieber

    Other similarities? Vintage Vanilla rocked harem pants and metallic green getups, just like Bieber does now.

    Aside from performing — and his eccentric style, Vanilla is passionate about his latest project, working with the Amish community. “They really pride themselves on construction and building furniture.” The actor, who’s also a contractor, spent two months living with an Amish community in Ohio, documented on the DIY Network series “Vanilla Ice Goes Amis

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  • Viewers were shocked on Monday when Christina Milian and partner Mark Ballas were eliminated from "Dancing With the Stars," and the singer admits that she was disappointed with the way things turned out. "I was hoping to be there longer, at least to get to the finals," she says, "especially because we had such a high score. We had the first 10s of the season."

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    What will she miss most about the experience? "I'm going to miss the paid workouts," she says, citing the four-to-five-hour practice sessions that the couples undergo daily. "I lost nine pounds!"

    And while it may seem that some contestants have a distinct advantage with previous dance experience, Christina says those who are more experienced still go through the same highs and lows. "It's still a crazy journey," she says. "It's still a challenge for them, and they're still just as scared as anyone else."

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    "Out of any season I've ever seen," she says,

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