• Looking good can get expensive, but who needs to run to the pharmacy when you have all the beauty products you need at home or at the office? Beauty expert Emily L. Foley stopped by the "Daily Shot" studios to share some of the surprising items that can double as primping products.

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    Notice some shine on your forehead before a big presentation? Stop by the bathroom and grab a toilet seat liner. "Rip off a little piece, and blot your face," Emily says. "It works just like oil blotting papers. It takes off the oil but doesn't take off your makeup."

    If you've run out of eyebrow pencil, never fear. A standard No. 2 pencil will do the trick. "You color in any sparse places," Emily says. "It gives you a nice shadow, and you won't look like a drag queen."

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    And if you didn't have time to shower this morning, give your hair a refresher with a dryer sheet. "Wipe it on the front, wipe it on the back," Emily recommends. "Not only

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  • In the Lifetime biopic "House of Versace," Gina Gershon is transformed into the iconic Italian designer Donatella Versace, giving viewers insight into the complexity of the designer's life after her brother's murder. With such a convincing portrayal, viewers might be surprised to learn she initially turned down the role.

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    "I was like, 'Are you kidding me? No way,'" Gina says. "But then I read the script, and I fell in love with the script. ... It's a great story."

    Gina explains that the designer's complexity drew her in. "You know about her extravagance and her fabulousness and her look and her hair, but [not] what she actually went through," she says, alluding to Donatella's past drug use. "She got herself together, she came out and basically finds her own voice."

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    So how did the actress achieve the designer's notorious mouth shape? Gum, cotton balls, and even a little surgical tape. "I just made different concoctions

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  • With "Breaking Bad" coming to a close, Betsy Brandt, who plays Marie Schrader, just couldn't say goodbye without keeping a certain memento from the successful show. What did she steal? "The tchotchke that Marie stole in Season 4, which is a little boy riding a pig," she says. The actress admits she could have asked for it with no problems but wanted the thrill of the take. "I was like, no, I'm not even asking," she says. "I need to lift it. She stole it, I need to steal it."

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    Betsy reveals that despite the intensity of "Breaking Bad," the vibe backstage "was so fun." Whenever things got heavy on set, the cast would joke around off-camera. Betsy says she "would just curl up in the fetal position" if she didn't have colleagues with such a great sense of humor.

    One of the biggest challenges for the star was keeping the secrets in "Breaking Bad" close to home. "I'm super paranoid about my scripts," she explains. "For 'Breaking Bad,' I'd send t

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  • Four years ago, Kendra Wilkinson traded in life at the Playboy Mansion for a more traditional home life when she married former NFL-er Hank Baskett. And even though she's not a newlywed anymore, she's still quick to gush about her hubby and his romantic gestures. "I am more than thankful and blessed to have the husband I do," she says. "He's a true man. That's why I named my son after him."

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    Though Kendra's happy in her marriage, she admits she and Hank have discussed some ways to keep things interesting. "There are times when we have discussions about how to spice up our relationship," she says. "I have nothing bad to say about open marriages."

    She hints the conversation will continue on the new season of "Kendra on Top," and revealed another way she and her husband are working on their communication. "Now that we're trying to have baby No. 2, we are communicating more in the bed!" she says. "We actually Googled 'how to get pregnant.'"

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  • Since 2010, Taran Killam has been cracking up audiences as a cast member of "Saturday Night Live," impersonating people like Brad Pitt, Michael Cera, and Andy Cohen. But out of his many roles, there's one that's his wife's favorite.

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    Taran reveals the impression that his wife — "How I Met Your Mother" star Cobie Smulders — loves to hear. "You know what she likes? She likes a Scottish accent," he says, giving a little preview of his sexy Scotsman to "Daily Shot" viewers.

    The "SNL" star admits that he wasn't concerned about marrying someone who's also in the entertainment industry. "I know the arguments for and against, and I think there are more 'for' for me, personally," he says. "She's also a good person first."

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    He also talks about his hilarious Brad Pitt parodies, noting his spoof of the star's Chanel No. 5 ad. "It came from wanting to be him. It came from, like, pure adoration," he says. "I feel like he's

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