• You know Curtis Stone and Gail Simmons as the host and head critic of Bravo’s Top Chef Masters, where they put some of the world’s best chefs to the test with boundary-pushing challenges every week. All that taste testing might seem like an easy gig, but the pair stopped by Daily Shot to prove they can still think on their feet.

    Ali turned the tables on the stars to see what they would make with some slightly crazy ingredient pairs. First up, anchovies and beef jerky. “I would do a Thai dried beef salad with an anchovy dressing, chilies, fried shallots, and some other vegetables,” Gail says.

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    What about ghost chilies and pistachios? “You could make a nice compound butter,” Curtis says. “Soften the butter to room temperature, add just a tiny bit of ghost chili, pistachio nuts throughout, maybe some cilantro, and serve a slice of that over some beautiful fish or vegetables.”

    Quick thinking is something viewers can expect on the new season o

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  • Everyone wants to look younger, but did you ever think you could use yoga to make your wrinkles disappear? For Annelise Hagen, a yoga instructor and the author of “The Yoga Face,” the journey was something personal.

    “When I hit a certain point in my life, my face started to fall,” she says. “I couldn’t believe it, and I thought ‘why not use yoga to lift my face the way it lifted my butt and my arms and everything else?’”

    She designed a program using exercise principles to help lift and tone the muscles in the face, and before long, she was selling out every class. Now, she’s releasing a DVD to expose people all over the country to the latest techniques.

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    Annelise’s favorite move is the “lion’s face,” which stretches all of the muscles in the face and increases oxygen flow. Though it looks slightly terrifying, she says the animalistic pose also helps to relieve stress.

    Want to get rid of rings around the eyes? Try the “surprise me,” a wide-eyed f

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  • “I definitely want my children to go to public schools, my wife is on the fence about it.”

    Cannon says he wants to establish as much normalcy as possible for his children, while Mariah is more concerned about safety.

    Nick’s argument to that is: “Private school’s got the craziest kids anyway! They have the most access to drugs and weapons!”

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    Plus, he adds, “You don’t get to go to ‘private adult life.’"

    What else does the power couple fight about? “Everything!” Nick says, matter-of-factly. “I’m messy, I get in trouble for my interviews…and then I don’t pick up my underwear.” He then goes into further detail with Ali about the interview that made Mariah the angriest.

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    Nick says he and Mariah pack a lot into their busy lives because they aren’t that big on sleep—which is how he has time to work out twice a day. His workouts include boxing and, surprisingly, a ballet barre class. “It’s more feminine than

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  • It’s a boy! The long wait is over, and the Duchess of Cambridge has finally given birth. But at Daily Shot, we’ve been preparing almost as long as she has. (Ok, really just a week.) We’ve been asking all of our celebrity guests to give their best advice to Will and Kate, whom we know are big fans of our show (in our dreams, at least). So take a look at what Nigel Lythgoe, Stacy Keibler, Nick Cannon, and many others have to say about parenting…and find out which celeb cautions against clowns at birthday parties.

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  • How do you score an interview with Paul McCartney? Emmy and Peabody Award-winning comedian Paul Mercurio says you just have to be in the right place at the right time. Mercurio, who works on both The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report, was backstage when he saw the rock legend just hanging out, unattended.

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    Figuring he’d never have the chance again, Mercurio approached McCartney, chatted with him for about ten minutes, then asked to interview him for his podcast, The Paul Mercurio Show. Sir Paul agreed instantly, and later that day they were chatting on the phone like old friends.

    “He talked about the early days, they had no money, they were in a van. Somebody broke the window in the van,” Mercurio says. “It was very cold out and they would sleep in the van, so they slept on top of each other to stay warm. So they called it a Beatles Sandwich.”

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    Mercurio also tells Ali about

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