• As part of Ali’s continuing efforts to get everyone a date, she asked newly-single Andrea Boelkhe, Survivor alum and host of The Daily Brief on Askmen.com, where all the quality singles are hanging out these days. Ok, just the singles. No one’s vouching for the quality. But there are a lot of popular new apps and sites out that help you narrow your search by what you’re looking for.

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    First up, Hitch.me is an online dating site for people who use LinkedIn. The pro of using it, says Andrea, is “LinkedIn is a very valid site, and usually your resume as accurate because people that are gonna hire you are gonna check that, so you’re getting rid of fake [profiles.]”

    The con? “Are they gold diggers? Are you looking basically like ‘I wanna date a doctor!’”

    The site does guarantee that, “none of your activities will ever be shared back to your LinkedIn account.”

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    Next, Coffee Meets Bagel sends you a potential match ev

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  • “To hide the belly, you’re gonna wanna do a peplum,” Kenyatta Jones says, “it’s gonna cinch in the waste and hide the stomach.”

    High heels. “They make your posture amazing and they make your legs look amazing, even if you have cellulite.”

    Maxi dresses are great for all women, but particularly for curvy women because they’re “long and it makes you look lean.”

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    But they key to any look, she says, is shapewear. “Foundation is the key. I always say foundation before fashion.”

    And for bathing suits, Kenyatta loves the fatkini. “They’re very high-waisted,” she says, giving women more support and coverage so only about an inch of midriff skin is showing. “If you have the confidence to rock it, I’d say get a fatkini.”

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    Kenyatta also talks about why plus-sized fashion is about to take off, and what’s coming up on House of Curves in this episode of Daily Shot!

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  • If you ate a cookie after lunch today, you probably worried that it would go right to your hips. But a new book says you should focus your worry a little bit higher up—like on your face.

    Brooke Alpert, co-author of The Sugar Detox: Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Look Years Younger, explained one of the lesser-known consequences of eating too much sugar: wrinkles and sagging.

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    Brooke co-wrote the book with a dermatologist Patricia Farris, and explained what happens when there is too much sugar in your bloodstream.

    “It starts attacking your skin,” she said. “All that sugar attaches to those protein molecules, collagen and elastin. And it turns those beautiful, supple skin cells into these firm, rigid things causing sagging, wrinkling, everything we don’t want on our face.”

    Her book is all about busting the cravings we have for sugar by starting with a 3-day detox, and admits that’s not easy for people. “Studies have shown that the withdrawal from suga

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  • Greta Gerwig is one of the hottest up-and-coming stars in the entire movie industry. She stars in the hippest movies of the season, “Frances Ha,” which she co-wrote with director Noah Baumbach, whom she’s dating in real life.

    That might be shocking to former co-star Russell Brand—with whom she appeared in the movie Arthur. The British comedian once called Greta “undateable.”

    “I would say something nerdy,” Greta recalls, “and he would look at me and say, ‘Greta Gerwig: UNDATEABLE.’” Brand even joked that he’d start a television show that would follow her around until she said something ‘idiotic,’ then brand her ‘UNDATEABLE.’

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    “I was like, ‘Oh that sounds good, Russell.” Greta’s impression of him is also pretty amazing.

    But it looks like Brand won’t ever get his reality show, because Greta’s getting such rave reviews for her turn in Frances Ha. And with such a bright future, she has set the bar high for herself. “I wanna be like Clint Eastwood, but a lady,” she te

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  • As expected, Season 9 of The Bachelorette has been full of drama, man tears, and most notably, amateur poets, guitar players and tap dancers.

    Jaclyn Swartz, outspoken alum of The Bachelor, stopped by Daily Shot to recap last night’s shenanigans, and sound off on, she says, the noticeable lack of fireworks between Des and her suitors this season.

    “I feel a little underwhelmed by the bachelorette,” Jaclyn says, “I’m not saying she’s doing a bad job, I just can’t feel her connecting with any of the guys.”

    She explains that the men– and the show’s producers – try too hard to spice things up. “I feel like it’s this whole horse and pony show with the dudes.”

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    Jaclyn weighed in on Des’s tense two-on-one date with Michael and Ben. “The way Michael conducted himself was poor… that would have been enough for me to say goodbye," she says. "I thought he was fake and trying a little too hard to start drama.”

    To hear more of what Jaclyn says about the drama, incl

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