• When it’s time for the seasonal closet purge, we all fall prey to sentimental attachments or simple procrastination.

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    So to help you start the closet purge, Ali sat down with Today Show Style Editor Bobbie Thomas, author of, “The Power of Style: Everything You Need to Know Before You Get Dressed Tomorrow.”

    Bobbie brought three items to make the clothes you don’t purge look better and last longer, including shapewear she swears by, "Skinny Britches." It’s a thin fabric slip that gives great support under light summer fabrics.

    But as for the tough decisions on what to get rid of, “I have a system that’s called ‘Yes, No, Maybe,’” Bobbie explained. First, “take everything out so that the closet is empty.”

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    “Ask yourself, and try to keep a beat, ‘Yes? No? Maybe?’

    A ‘Yes’ item is one of your favorites, that you absolutely wear all the time and can’t live without.

    A ‘No’ is stained, ripped, or just doesn’t ever ge

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  • New Yorkers know Pat Kiernan as the morning anchor on NY1. Among other things, he reads and analyzes the morning papers for a popular segment called, “In The Papers.” But on this episode of Daily Shot, Pat talks about his second gig as host of CNBC’s, ‘Crowd Rules,’ and tells Ali how his show helps mom and pop shops with its reality show format.

    Struggling small businesses compete for a $50,000 prize, and the winner is decided by audience vote. In last week’s food-themed episode, a hot sauce company beat out a pickle store and a family-owned dessert business.

    Pat says the one mistake small business owners make is not having a focus. “Focus on one thing and go after it. Don’t have a bunch of non-profitable products.”

    The strangest business he’s ever heard of? “We had one on the show that’s an ice cream truck that has a stripper pole on the top of it, called ‘Aphrodisiac Ice Cream.’”

    Pat was then kind enough to take some of the women’s magazines we had lying around the office and giv

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  • How long do you think you could go without looking at yourself in the mirror? Kjerstin Gruys describes her 365 days mirror-free in her memoir "Mirror, Mirror Off The Wall: How I Learned to Love My Body By Not Looking At It For A Year."

    It started about six months before her wedding, when she was shopping for wedding dresses. The more she shopped, the more critical of her body she became. Eventually, she thought 'I'm not headed in a direction I feel good about.'

    So she decided to change her focus by giving up mirrors for a year. She covered up the mirrors in her house. At work, she knew exactly which bathroom stall to use so she could avoid catching herself in the mirror. She trusted friends to let her know when she had spinach in her teeth.

    "But," Ali said, "you see yourself in reflections?"

    "There's a difference between seeing and looking," Kjerstin replied, "That's a really important difference."

    "Is there one physical trait that you're kinder to yourself about now?" Ali asked.


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  • Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin have been married 15 years, but there was a recent moment that threatened their wedded bliss. When the opportunity to be on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills came up, he didn’t encourage her to accept. “He said to me, ‘over my dead body,’” she told Ali, “and, ‘I will divorce you.’”

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    Lisa won’t be doing the show, and her marriage is intact. The same can’t be said for her spot on this season of Celebrity Apprentice, from which she was just fired. “I was close,” she said. “Last woman standing and I’m very happy about that to be honest with you.”

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    And Lisa does have entrepreneurial experience, after all. She sells her Belle Gray by Lisa Rinna line on QVC.

    Lisa says she really bonded her Apprentice co-star Penn Jillette, who advanced to the finals. But it was another cast member that Ali was curious about.

    “Is Gary Busey as crazy as he seems?

    To hear Lisa’s answer, an

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  • After nine seasons of laughs, The Office series finale airs tonight. Ali spoke with Brian Baumgartner, who played Kevin, the slow-witted accountant, about what he’ll miss.


    Ali asked if Brian had any best friends on the set. “Oscar and Angela and I had a pretty special relationship,” he said. “They put us in the corner in the beginning probably thinking ‘we’ll never see them,’ but we were making our own television show.”


    Off set, Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight Schrute, was his tennis buddy.

    Over nine seasons, Brian had two favorite episodes in particular: ‘Diversity Day,” and the Christmas episode from season 2.

    To hear him recite his favorite line from the series, and to find out which cast member he’d like to go to Anthropologie with, check out today’s episode of Daily Shot!

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