• It's one of the biggest health dangers since smoking…and you're probably doing it RIGHT NOW.  Are you sitting down?  Because that’s it!  (No really, that’s the health danger.  Sitting.) If you sit for more than four hours a day, your heart disease risk goes up 60 percent, according to a study from University College London.
    Ali, who enjoys sitting as much as the next person, didn’t want to believe the hype.  So she asked AJ Jacobs, author of Drop Dead Healthy: One Man’s Humble Quest for Bodily Perfection, if there were any truth in the warnings.
    Sadly, according to him, “If you sit all day, it’s bad for your weight, metabolism, and blood sugar level.”
    But with so many other health threats out there, a person’s got to prioritize.  So Ali asked AJ to rank the hazards of smoking, motorcycles, artificial sweeteners, alcohol abuse, and sitting in order from least to most dangerous.  Watch Daily Shot to see what he said!

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  • What happens when you hire a guy to babysit rather than a girl?  Does he make your kids better at sports? Will he still dress up in princess clothes? Would your husband get jealous? Ali's hard-hitting interview with two Manhattan Mannies.

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  • Ali speaks to dating expert Andrea Syrtash about those times you just can't fudge the truth on your online dating profile.  Plus:  the dating tip you can learn from Ali and George's very first date!

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  • How many times has a friend handed you her phone and asked, “What do you think he means in this text message?” As women, we spend more time than we’d like trying to figure out what men are actually trying to say. That’s why Ali invited comedian Mike Falzone, author of Never Stop Shutting Up: A Book of Advice and Other Things You Didn't Ask For, to do some translating for us. For example, did you ever get one like this? "Hey, sorry I haven't been able to email you back, things have been really crazy at work." Mike decodes that as: "You're not interesting enough to keep up a text conversation with me." Watch the full episode for more tough love.

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  • Does everyone have to go bald now?

    Waxing, plucking, shaving…emergency rooms saw a fivefold increase in pubic grooming injuries over the past decade.  So why is everyone so desperate to take it all off?  Ali discusses this controversial issue with Yahoo! Shine's Elise Sole and Jordan Carlos from the Yahoo show, "Mansome."Read More »


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