• You're going to cry at work at SOME point in your life. Shine's Piper Weiss joins Ali to talk about the best ways to do it, and why it's not really that bad if you do.Read More »

  • Robert Suchan, 44, is the top selling Tupperware salesperson in all of North America.  Behind this successful salesman…is a closet full of women’s clothes. The former social worker started selling Tupperware part-time in 2007, but before he left the house, he’d transform himself into Aunt Barbara, a 6’5” Long Island housewife with “a signature spitcurl hairdo.”

    Aunt Barbara became so popular that Suchan left his day job in November 2009 to sell Tupperware full time.  The poly-blend-clad dynamo now moves about $265,000 worth of product a year, earning a comfortable six-figure salary. “I’ve doubled my income and my vacation time,” the sales diva estimates.  Even though she hits 5-7 Tupperware parties a week, and takes about 10,000 orders a year, she told Daily Shot’s Ali Wentworth that her life was, “less stress, more dress.”

    One of Aunt Barbara’s favorite products is a cheese grater that, she says, doubles as a self-defense weapon. If attacked, “You grate his face off and it keeps his ...Read More »

  • Daily Shot host Ali Wentworth welcomes television star Grizz Chapman from NBC's 30 Rock to learn how to create her own successful entourage.

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  • Does the sex advice in women's magazines ever work?  Ali asks an actual man: Billboard Magazine's Joe Levy. He gives us the inside scoop on whether you should really try that move at home.

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  • Ali shares some exciting news for her Daily Shot fans.

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