Actress’ Custody Heartbreak

Kelly Rutherford is perhaps best known for playing Lily van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, but her personal life has more twists and turns than any plot line on her former show.

Since divorcing German businessman Daniel Giersch, Rutherford has been locked in a custody battle for her two children, 5-year-old Hermes and 3-year-old Helena.

Last year, a judge ruled that the children should live with their father. Giersch, due to some visa issues that remain unclear, cannot re-enter the U.S., and lives in France. As a result, the children—American citizens—now live abroad.

“I’m basically fighting to get them home,” Kelly told Ali. “fighting for their rights as U.S. citizens, fighting as a mother.”

Daniel Giersch, through his attorney, Fahi Takesh Hallin released the following statement: “Despite Kelly Rutherford continuing to speak about the parties’ children in the press, Daniel Giersch continues not to comment about the parties’ children, in order to protect the children’s privacy.”

Kelly visits them whenever she can, adding, “I’ll go as many times as I need to go.”

She tells Ali why she can’t simply move to France to be with her kids, and how she explains the entire situation to them, on this episode of Daily Shot.