Ali Interviews a Hot Guy: Andre Holland

Andre Holland of NBC’s 1600 Penn, and the new movie ’42,’ is a hot guy. He says he’s never considered himself to be particularly hot, but the following information proves that he is:

1. He is attractive.

2. He speaks a little French.

3. He was born on December 28, and shares a birthday with Denzel Washington. (another hot guy)

4. He was shy as a kid, and looks ever so adorable when he discloses that information.

5. Just listen to the man’s voice.

But Andre didn’t just stop by Daily Shot to talk about being hot. He just wrapped the first season of 1600 Penn, in which he played White House Press Secretary Marshall Malloy. He’s also promoting the Jackie Robinson biopic “42,’ which comes out on April 12. He plays Wendell Smith, a sportswriter who influenced the decision to bring Jackie Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers as the first African American player in Major League Baseball. “It’s the best role I’ve done to date, “ he said, “the most special thing I’ve done.”

To hear about Andre’s preparation for ‘42,’ and to learn more about how he stays hot, be sure to watch the video!