Ali Learns to Beatbox

In today’s episode, Ali continues her efforts to be the coolest mom in the world by learning to beatbox. Her instructor in this endeavor is Chris “Shockwave” Sullivan, comic, musician, and professional beatboxer from The Electric Company and the hip hop comedy group Freestyle Love Supreme.

Chris started out by teaching a few basic noises from a beatboxer’s repertoire, including the Electric Shock, the Bird, and the Spaceship. Ali also requested some pointers on making the best possible fart noise. (It’s an important life skill, people.)

Raspberries out of the way, the lesson began in earnest. Apparently beatboxing comes down to using two words: ‘boots’ and ‘cuts.’ If you say them over and over, eliminating the consonants, you’ve got the basics. Add in a few of the basic noises listed above, and you’re on your way to being a hip hop star.

To hear Ali and Chris’ full jam session (and maybe learn a few tricks, yourself) check out the video. Also, you can see more of Chris’s performances at