Anna Chlumsky on VEEP and Being Pregnant

Anna Chlumsky stopped by to talk about playing Amy Brookheimer, the Vice President’s Chief of Staff on the HBO series VEEP.

Anna says that she actually got a lot of pointers on the job from Barbara Boxer’s Chief of Staff. Ali, who grew up in DC, said Anna’s portrayal of the character is spot-on, “Constantly on the blackberry, a little frenetic, and your life is gone.”

Ali also asked about Anna’s background as a child actor, and while you may think “My Girl” was her first role, she actually scored her first job—a modeling gig--at ten months old. In the years after her hit movie, she went to college and then tried some non-acting gigs. She worked in an entry-level job for Zagat guides, which, “was really a step above telemarketing,” and then worked as an editorial assistant in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy division of Harper Collins, where she says she developed her geeky side. “Reading about princesses and mages…the wizardly cover art, it’s pretty fun for a 9-5 job."

Ali also asked six-month pregnant Anna, “What’s the grossest thing that’s happened since you got pregnant?” To hear her hilariously adorable answer, check out the video.