Anne Burrell's Restaurant Pet Peeves

On "Chef Wanted," Anne Burrell puts chefs through the toughest interview ever — all for a chance to work in a top restaurant. So what qualities is Anne looking for in the candidates?

"You have to be able to manage a staff and be a teacher," she explains. "You have to be able to manage money, and you have to have a lot of endurance. It is a tough, tough job." She adds that chefs must be confident while still able to take a critique. "Being a chef is about the fine line of your ego versus your humility," she says.

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Even if the chef is great, a few things can go wrong in a restaurant that seem small but are important. Anne shared some of her biggest pet peeves. In addition to dirty bathrooms, she says she can't stand menu typos and dirty menus. "That should be pristine," she says. "That is the document of what you are selling, so be proud of it, and own it."

Despite the chef's success, there are still a few people she hasn't yet had the chance to cook for. Whom would she love to make dinner for? "Pink," she says. "Or Serena Williams … she's badass."

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To find out the most intense kitchen Anne's ever worked in, check out this episode of "Daily Shot. And be sure to check out season 3 of "Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell" every Thursday at 10 pm ET/PT on Food Network."