Army Scene Made Ricky Schroder Emotional

Ricky Schroder was a successful actor by the time he was seven years old, starring in the hit 1979 movie, The Champ. By his senior year in high school, he already had a hit TV show, Silver Spoons, under his belt. But all that time, he actually had another career ambition: he wanted to join the army.

Even though it never happened, Ricky says, “I still wanted to find a way to help my country and this was a way I could.”

“This,” is a new series he produced called “Starting Strong.” It’s an unscripted show where a civilian is embedded for a week doing a particular army job. After the week, the civilian decides whether or not to enlist.

And episode with combat medics, in particular, made Ricky particularly emotional. “I saw 800 young men and women that volunteered to be combat medics, knowing that they would be deployed, to combat,” he said. “I think about them and I get chills.

“I have a respect for people who serve, whether in the army, policemen, firemen, whoever it may be.”

Ricky’s been married to the same woman for twenty years, and has four children. (One of whom is headed to West Point.) Ali asked how he avoided the mug shots and dramatic headlines other child stars fall prey to. To hear how he did it, check out today’s episode of Daily Shot.

"Starting Strong" video courtesy of Ricky Schroder Productions/U.S. Army.