Being Single Is 'Not a Crisis'

By the time she was 25, Katie Heaney had a graduate degree, tons of friends, and a promising writing career. But she'd never had a boyfriend. She chronicles her story in the hilarious book "Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without a Date."

Katie, who is now 27, stopped by "Daily Shot" to talk about how she, a young, single, straight girl, made it to her mid-20s without going out on a date.

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For starters, she's just not "that kind of girl." By which she means "someone who's always beaming; she's got an endless line of offers from guys to take her out."

In her book, she calls that type of girl "a lighthouse." She describes herself, on the other hand, as a "Bermuda triangle." Something sailors would go around, "staying as far away as humanly possible."

So, shouldn't she work on that or something? She doesn't think so.

"In women," she says, "I think it's perceived as something that we, if we happen to be single at that moment, we should be working on not being single. With as much effort as possible."

But Katie isn't buying in to that pressure. "I eventually would like to not be single, but it's not something I view as a crisis."

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Since she wrote the book, she says, she's been doing some "pretty casual dating, but still nothing significant."

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