Best Takeout Burgers

When it comes to food reviews, Daymon Patterson takes it back to basics. The 35-year-old was working at Walmart when he started filming fast food reviews out of his car during his lunch break. Now, his hilarious commentary landed him his own Travel Channel show, Best Daym Take Out.

He may be a funny guy, but Daymon’s serious about one thing: burgers. Ali put him to the test to answer the age-old question, who makes the best?

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McDonald’s Big Mac was the first on the table, and Daymon demonstrated his signature review technique. “You have to roll up on it slowly,” he says. “I always pay attention to my sauce situation. If it’s not on top, PLEASE let it be underneath. The cheese is happening, a little bit of lettuce down there.” His conclusion? “It’s a Big Mac. Take a couple bites and run away.”

Next up? Bacon sliders from White Castle. “Look at those pieces of bacon, isn’t that cute?” Daymon says of the mini toppings. “You know what this is perfect for? If you go out with the ladies and have one drink too many… This is called that sober burger. It’s gonna sober you up quick!”

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The last contender in the burger showdown was Five Guys bacon cheeseburger. Though it didn’t look pretty, Daymon was obviously smitten. “The sloppier a burger looks, I’ve noticed, the sexier it is going down,” he says. After taking a moment, his favorite was clear. “This is the way it’s supposed to be.”

To hear how Daymon comes up with review ideas and why his mom has gotten in on the action, check out this episode of Daily Shot.