Best and Worst Design Trends

He’s America’s most famous house flipper, and when it comes to renovating, Jeff Lewis knows what works. The Bravo star stopped by the Daily Shot studios to talk about the biggest renovation mistakes people make, and the best and worst design trends around.

First mistake? Spending too much of a renovation budget on one room. “They never get to finish the rest of the house,” Jeff says. “When you remodel a room, everything else starts to look bad. You have to make sure to spread that money evenly.”

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The second mistake people make is furnishing the entire house from one store. “That’s the easy way out.” He says. “I like to mix up styles. You don’t want it to look like you just furnished your home out of a catalogue.”

Though it’s hard to keep up with the latest and greatest in design, Jeff says there are some great trends that are here to stay.

“Using sustainable materials. Things are being repurposed and I love that idea. They’re taking wood from old barns and they’re building dining room tables out of it.”

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What’s the worst trend out there? Fauxidermy, or fake taxidermy. Artists are creating ceramic or decorative takes on animal heads, but Jeff’s not buying it. “It might be cool and kitschy for now,” he says, “but plan on giving it away in a year.”

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