Best Blondes: From Beach to Bottle

Spring is here, the weather is changing, and so are celebrity hairstyles: Sofia Vergara, Drew Barrymore, and Beyonce recently went blonde. But going blonde can be risky sometimes, even for a Hollywood actress. Comedian Selena Coppock, author of a new book called, “The New Rules for Blondes,” joins Ali to talk about celebs who make it work, and those who don’t.

Cameron Diaz- Best Natural Blonde
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Thu, May 2, 2013 1:00 PM EDT

“I’m actually surprised you were able to do quite a thick book,” Ali tells Selena. “For a blonde…people expect a pamphlet from us.”

Selena and Ali broke it down into natural blondes and bottle blondes. Some of their favorite naturals? There’s Cameron Diaz, “a classic California blonde,” Cybill Shepherd, and “the spirit of blondeness,” Miss Piggy.

The best bottle blondes? Selena loves Madonna, a natural brunette who “lives the blonde dream,” Lady Gaga, and the quintessential bottle blonde, Marilyn Monroe.

The ladies also discussed celebs who can ‘go both ways’ as blondes and brunettes, throwing Linda Evangelista and Reese Witherspoon on that list.

To hear who they put on the list of worst bottle blondes, check out the video. And to read some of Selena’s hilarious essays about the best and worst of blonde stereotypes, check out her book!