Crazy Makeup Names Sound Like Restaurant Menu Items

The idea of mildew on your eyes sounds pretty gross to most people, but that apparently doesn’t worry the people who named one of Urban Decay’s eyeshadow colors,‘Mildew.’ It doesn’t contain actual mildew as far as we know, but the hue is a greenish brown.
Rather than putting people off, crazy makeup names have become part of the branding that attracts people to a product.  Some companies go so far as to send employees on inspirational trips to get ideas for a collection, while others just pile a few people in a conference room for a few hours, trying to decide on names that will make customers laugh.
Nail polish giant O.P.I. has a color called “Uh Oh, Roll Down the Window,” also a greenish brown.  Meanwhile, their red, “I’m Not Really a Waitress,” appeals to a customer with a less macabre sense of humor.
Some of the beauty product names, however, simply sound like food.  So Shine Beauty Editor Joanna Douglass subjected Ali Wentworth to a game of ‘Eat It or Wear It,’ where she had to guess the difference between a makeup or a menu item, just by hearing the name.  Can you tell the difference between a “Flying Gorilla,” or a “Fancy Delancey?” Test your skills and play along!