Daily Shot: Ali's Book, Gisele's Big Mouth, and Brownie Points

Welcome to Wonderland

New York City — nay, the world — celebrated the publication of Ali in Wonderland: And Other Tall Tales at a book

party last night. Guests included Debra Messing, Parker Posey, Mariska

Hartigay, and all the rest of the cool celebrities who can read. Ali will tell

you more, but first go buy her book!

Super Game vs. Super Lame

Thousands of New Yorkers gathered downtown this morning to celebrate the New

York Giants' Super Bowl win. Mayor Bloomberg quipped, "Are you feeling

'deja blue' all over again?" No one groaned, except all the people trying

to get to work.

Meanwhile, Giselle Bundchen is standing by her man, Sad Tom Brady, but has

blamed his teammates for the Patriots' Super Bowl loss. Her words:

""My husband cannot f---ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the

same time." But can she model and coach a football team at the same


Is M.I.A.'s Excuse B.S.?

M.I.A. has apologized for flipping the bird during her halftime show

performance, saying that she wasn't trying to make a statement. She was just

nervous and full of adrenaline. You should see her when she's all-out

flummoxed, folks! It is NOT for primetime.

Sharing Is Scarring

A Pennsylvania man named Eric "Eggs" Cain stabbed

his older brother, Gene, over a McDonald's brownie. Gene provoked Eric when he

cut the brownie into two equal pieces. Both men are alive and well. Honestly,

this incident isn't so different from what happens sometimes with our kids, you

know, except without the knives.




Ali Uncensored:

My first date with George: Cellulite and nipple hair

What do you do when your kids say they hate you?

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