Daily Shot: Arnold Schwarzenegger's Cheating Ways

Ali and John discuss Arnold Schwarzenegger's recent 60 Minutes interview discussing his tell-all memoir Total Recall. Ali was shocked at how unapologetic and unemotional Schwarzenegger is about his infidelity. John wonders why the governor is coming clean about his affairs. Will Schwarzenegger run for a higher public office, or is he trying to win sympathy from the public?

Would you read Schwarzenegger's book? Do you think it's better for celebrities to come clean about cheating or to keep things private? Tell us in the comments below!

More can't-miss moments: Ali discusses a Swedish smuggler who paid his friend to serve jail time for him, an Oregon farmer gets eaten by his hogs, and a poodle survives being hit by a car and riding 11 miles in the car's grill.

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