Daily Shot: Bullied Celebrities Fight Back

Ali and John discuss Jennifer Livingston, a Wisconsin news anchor who was bullied for her weight. When a viewer called her obese and a bad role model for girls, Livingston addressed his comments on-air, saying, "To all of the children out there who feel lost, who are struggling with your weight, with the color of your skin, your sexual preference, your disability, even the acne on your face, listen to me right now. Do not let your self-worth be defined by bullies." Lady Gaga has also recently fought back against criticism of her weight.

Do you think these celebrities were bullied? How do you feel about celebrities defending themselves in a very public way? Tell us in the comments below!

More can't-miss moments: Ali discusses the pranksters who called SWAT teams to come to celebrity homes, a mom sues Radio Shack after finding porn on the "new" cellphone she bought her teen daughter, and jail inmates in American Samoa are allowed to make beer and snack runs to the local convenience store.

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