Daily Shot: A Dad's Homophobic Dowry

Ali and John discuss a man in Hong Kong who's offering a dowry of several million dollars to the man who can woo and marry his daughter. The only catch: She's a lesbian and already married to another woman! Strangely, the daughter's going along with her father's scheme. Ali wonders if it's because she knows it won't work, or because she knows he only want her to be accepted by society.

What do you you think of this dowry? Is the dad an unaccepting homophobe, or does he have misplaced good intentions? Tell us in the comments below!

More can't-miss moments: Ali discusses an Arizona ski resort that will make artificial snow out of treated sewage, an Idaho fisherman finds a severed finger in the mouth of a trout, and a Florida man rents out alligators for kids' birthday parties.

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