Daily Shot: Gwyneth Moms it Up, Trump Looks to Endorse, a Man Adopts His Girlfriend and More

Romney for President?
Donald Trump, famous for firing D-list celebs on prime time television, is apparently going to endorse Gingrich or Romney today. Just how far will the recommendation of the Comb-Over King go? Ali has some ideas.

Gwynneth for President? Full of GOOP and other good stuff, Ali pal Paltrow makes a splash in Harper's this month. She also gives us free access to her trainer and a lifetime supply of vegan cookies that taste just like Godiva. (Okay, fine. But it was a good dream while it lasted.)

We are scared of your colon
Wait, a U.K. teen really ate nothing but Chicken McNuggets for 15 years? Is that even possible? Apparently it is, and apparently is cause deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and plain ole common sense. Would you let your teen do it?

Man adopts girlfriend
Seems logical enough-you run a stop sign and kill a man, you get sued for wrongful death, you adopt your girlfriend. What? There are so many things wrong with this surreal case that we're not sure where to start, but we're staying far, far away from the "sleeping with your daughter" angle.


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